Best Micro SD Card for Smartphone


From phones and tablets to action cameras, Micro SD card has become essential in storage. You may regard choosing a best micro SD card as the something unimportant. But you may unfortunately face the dilemma that the micro SD card doesn’t work in the phone. There is still something you need to know about micro SD card. Here I will show you the best micro SD card for smartphone.

How to choose your best Micro SD card?


The HC stands for High Capacity covers sizes from 4-32GB. Above 32GB is microSDXC. (XC stands for extended capacity) and the largest card you can currently buy is 256GB. Check your device’s support before buying a card and ensure whether it supports SDXC. If not, the capacity of your SD card must be limited to 32GB. It’s tempting to get a 128GB card for under £30, but it won’t work if your device can’t access it.

There are various standards for speed, and you may see more than one on the same SD card. They are Class x, Ux, Vx and Ax(x refers to numbers). “Class 6”card would be capable of writing at 6MB/s. Many devices which record HD video demand a Class 10 card, but many class 10 micro SD cards are capable of much more than 10MB/s write speed.
Ux stands for Ultra High Speed. A UHS class 1 card writes at a minimum of 10MB/s and a UHS class 3 card writes at a minimum of 30MB/s.


Vx denotes the minimum sequential write speed in MB/s and ranges from V6 up to V90. Ax refers to the app performance rating which helps buyers identify which cards are suitable for popping into a phone or tablet and using for storing and running apps. The smaller the number is, the lower the performance will be.
Basing on the above factors, the following products can be appealing to you.

Samsung Evo+ 64GB ($28.95)


This SDXC card is rated as Class 10 or UHS-1 and offers transfer speeds of up to 80 MB/s. It’s a durable and reliable MicroSD card with a lot of positive reviews. It is ideal for Full HD Video recording and high resolution pictures. Also, the design of water and magnetic proof will greatly convenient you when in adventure. Ultimately, it’s a great all-rounder for a reasonable price.

SanDisk Extreme PLUS 64GB ($61.40)


SanDisk is built tough for extreme durability under challenging environmental conditions and competitive for its high read speed which up to 95MB/s and write speed that up to 90MB/s. A storage capacity of 64GB expands your device’s memory and lets you record 4K Ultra HD video.
To sum up, it is not such wise to choose a micro SD card with desirable capacity only. You should also ensure that your device can operate it successfully and the card is carried with high write speed and read speed.


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