Is it Bad to Use Samsung Galaxy S8 While Charging


It seems that the explosion report about Note 7 has raised people’s concern towards the safety of using phone while charging. The faulty batteries made the phones overheat, burst into flames and explode, which results in a costly replacement for Samsung to give customers safe devices. So, when you are expecting the presence of Galaxy S8, will you be anxious about its safety? Is it bad to use Samsung Galaxy S8 while charging?


Samsung Galaxy S8 had been formally unveiled at a dedicated launch event in New York on March 29, 2017. Samsung features a very high screen-to-body ratio for the Galaxy S8, which means a higher percentage of the phone’s front is occupied by display. And the most engaging thing must be its removal of the iconic physical home button, which shifts the fingerprint scanner to the rear of the Galaxy S8 and introduces 3D Touch-esque pressure sensing tech to provide a home button experience. Besides, Samsung has even claimed that its new AI assistant—Bixby will take on Apple’s Siri and Google’s own Assistant on the Galaxy S8. It is the real product that is worth paying attention.


So, is it bad to use Samsung Galaxy S8 while charging? I think you would better not do it for the consideration of safety. Using Samsung Galaxy S8 while charging tends to heat up your phone and excessive heating can cause component overheating. Besides, if you are using it, it takes more time to fully charge it. And if you do it very often the battery will begin to bulge or grow in size. Once the battery swells then you’ll encounter many problems. Here I would like to present you some skills about how to charge your new phone effectively.

How to charge your Samsung Galaxy S8 for the first time


Nowadays, most of the smartphones have no memory effect, which means that you do not have to completely drain out the battery before recharging. You do not harm the battery pack with a partial discharge. However, if the voltage of the lithium-ion cell drops below a certain level, it’s ruined and however you recharge it, it won’t work. So, don’t let it drop to zero on a regular basis. But it is good to zero out every now and then. It is appropriate for you to charge it when the battery is in a low position which reaches to less than 20 percent. Remember that you should keep your phone from heat and cut off the electricity timely when the battery is 100 percent full. By the way, if you cannot charge the phone timely when it is going to run out, you’d better turn your phone into a power save mode and reduce your using time.
In fact, to ensure a long battery life of your cell phone, it is not enough to just care about your initial charging. It is also important to consider the safety and adaptation of a charger. An inappropriate can easily cause a horrible accident. Here is a reliable charger for your reference.

EasyAcc PowerEdge 30W


EasyAcc PowerEdge is outstanding for many reasons. Firstly, it speeds up to 4 times faster than conventional charger and the quick charge port powers compatible devices up to 80% in 35 minutes. Besides, it adopts the Smart Charge technology. That means each port outputs an exact current your devices require as the original chargers do. What’s more, its palm-gripping size with the foldable plug makes it really handy for travel.

To sum up, for the consideration of safety and longevity of battery, you’d better not use Samsung Galaxy S8 while charging. And if you follow the rules consciously I believe that the outstanding performance of Galaxy S8 will bring great experience to you.


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