How to Charge Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery First Time


After the failure of Samsung Note 7, Samsung devotes to win their consumers back this year. To attract shoppers’ eyeballs, Samsung doesn’t keep Samsung Galaxy S8’s design under wraps, by contrast, their information disclosed in advance and many rumors released among people. What can we expect from the latest Samsung generation?Let’s see what we can assure ourselves when the Samsung debut in New York City and how to charge Samsung Galaxy S8 battery first time if you are ready to be a user of it.


Expectations from Samsung Galaxy S8 for sure
Without any doubt Samsung spares no effort to improve their battery quality. As a result, Samsung Galaxy S8 may have adopted its revised eight-point battery testing procedure and meanwhile it will leave more space inside for the battery. Another concern is that it features a bezel-less infinity display and brandy new intelligent assistant Bixby, practically everyone knows bigger display means more power consuming, moreover, the cool Bixby would probably be another power draining source.


How to charge Samsung Galaxy S8 battery first time
When facing a brand-new mobile phone, people tend to ask more questions about how to prolong the mobile phones’ battery life. In fact, various smartphones comes with the similar way to avoid being damaged. However, when comes to the first charge, there are some difference to Li-ion batteries. As a common used battery today, Li-ion batteries are much smarter than before. They needn’t to be full charged at the first three times charging, as it is the case with lead acid, nor is it desirable to do so. In most cases, the recommendation on the instruction book is the best way to charge Samsung Galaxy S8 battery first time before using. Additionally, full-charge even do harm to your new phone as high voltages may stress the battery.


Besides the first time, charge your phone properly afterwards is also very important, here are some attentions you should be paid:
 Keep a battery at a favorable temperature
 Avoid harsh discharge and ultra-fast charge
 Store Li-ion at partial charge better at about 50 percent SOC

After introduce some basic information of battery maintenance, I’d like to recommend the best accessories for your S8.

1. RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger for All Qi-Enabled Devices (QC 3.0 Adapter Included) [Buy at Amazon]

It is faster than traditional 3.5W-5W wireless chargers ,compatible with All Qi-Enabled Phones: Includes iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus etc. Moreover, it includes a powerful Quick Charge 3. 0 adapter that boosts the max output to 10W for your Samsung Galaxy S8.

2.Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy S8 Case with Kickstand [Buy at Amazon]


Dual layer with shock resistance,tough Armor for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not only one of Spigen’s best-sellers but the strongest in the Armor Series. Its heavy duty dual-layer protection is made of an anti-slip shock absorbing TPU layer and a PC frame that is able to withstand extreme impacts. It is packed with all your protective needs in an ergonomic profile, making it pocket-friendly.

3. EasyAcc 20000mAh Portable Charger Fast Recharge

The unique dual port input save 50% recharging time, it supports 4.8A Output with 4 USB Ports. Auto detects and changes its charging speed unique to your device for high charging speed up to 2.4A, it’s a good companion for multi-device users.


How to Charge Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery First Time》有5个想法

  1. The question is how long do you charge your New Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone as a first time charge out of the box using the charger that comes as standard using the mains adapter.

    This article is very informative but averts the answer to the question. How to charge the phone in this day and age is not the question, nor the type of chargers available to charge, but how to per-long the battery life as the initial charge is the most important charge and when un-boxing new phones the manuals do not state the time required for the initial charge but instead state the phone will need charging before using it for the first time.

    1. Same question, agreed with you, I really want to know. What should I do now, m going to charge my new phone. It’s confusing

      1. Hello Asad, technically the lithium batteries in the new-released phones are overcharging protected and the internal loop is smart enough to cut down the current if the phone is already fully charged, therefore, no worries for how long you should charge your phone to prolong the phone in the first time, just charge it as usual, avoid charging it too long like several days, generally speaking ,disconnect the charging cable when it reaches 100% juice.


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