Best Writing Apps for iPad


Thanks to the development of digital devices, we can put our desk into our pockets writing wherever we go and whenever we want. One working iPad with one writing app, you can write down everything when good ideas strike your head. No matter who you are, students, teachers, novelists, etc.; no matter what you are going to do, taking notes, writing passages, creating novel; Writing apps can be your good partner to satisfy all of your writing requirements. So let’s start to find some best writing apps for iPad.


iA Writer
When you enter into a search engine for iPad writing app, the first recommendation should be iA writer. It was specially designed for writer when it was initially released. iA Writer is devoted to make users writing without distraction. Thus, its design makes you pleasant on the eyes and professional functions let you focus on your writing. Based on Dropbox and iCloud, you are convenient to write on any platform installed iA Writer. With iA Writer, you will love writing more.


Byword is an app with the combination of features and simplicity; it’s the best for those who love simple style. The newest version is 2.8, and it was recently applied to iPad and iPhone. It features Markdown support and also allows syncing in the cloud. Cross-platform support makes it a good alternative of iA Writer.


Compare to iA Writer and Byword, Simplenote is an excellent app for taking note more than for writing. From its description, we know Simplenote is all about speed and efficiency. It provides a convenient way for you share notes with you partners when you work the same project with them. You would never worry about your increasing notes to be a disaster because you can keep them organized with tags and pins. As the same with many other writing apps, it is capable of the consistency cross all platforms. The best way to know its capability is to download one and use it.


Writers know that the heart and soul of a writing app is its editor. And Ulysses is said to have the best text editor in the world. Sounds a little exaggerated. But it really offers everything you need when you writing, except a good idea. From markup to images and footnote, from links to comments and code, all of these are included in you small iPad screen. Best of all, you can sync everything you write by iCloud in a quite simple way.


Story Planner
If you are a story teller, Story Planner must be you first choice as the best writing app for iPad. The outline is the most powerful weapon for writers. Now, with Story Planner, you can easily outline your stories wherever you go. This is the best story-mapping and organizational stories tool ever! Story Stats can choose the right outline for your stories and best structure for your scenes. Download the Story Planner, helps you write a better story!


As your requirement of a frequent use of iPad with your writing, a durable case can be essential to provide your iPad with well protection. If you are opportunely seeking an appropriate case for your iPad Pro, you can click here to find more information about EasyACC Ultra-Slim Synthetic Leather Case. When entering into, you will find that it is a competitive product. With the thin profile, it wraps edges and corners of your device with complete protection. Thanks to its foldable cover, it provides two angles, which is ideal for reading and typing. EasyAcc leather case for iPad Pro is an excellent accessory to achieve your efficiency in another way.

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