Best Fingerprint Lock App for Android


As mobile phone has become one indispensable part of our daily life, more and more privacies has been locked in the memory card. In order to keep our secret, we pay much more attention to the way we lock our screen. Nowadays, both PIN password and pattern password can’t meet people’s requirement for data protection. And they are proved not as convenient as unlocking one’s screen by fingerprint.
When fingerprint lock has been an increasing popularity, you may want to choose one fingerprint lock app best for you. There is a list of Best Fingerprint Lock App for Android, no matter for entertainment or for protection, you can just pick one and have a try.


From the name you can tell that Applock is helpful to lock your apps. However, as the introduction of fingerprint to our mobile phone was in recent year, it is not supported by many Android phones before version 6.0. Thus, you can only use Applock to unlock your apps on Samsung devices and Android Marshmallow devices. Of course, it supports PIN and Password and allows unlocking apps from any Android. Since this app can automatically start and protect your data on the phone restart, it is line up on our list of Best Fingerprint App for Android.


Fingerprint Screensaver
Many fingerprint lock apps are only accessible to some specific Android devices, however, Fingerprint Screensaver have an easy access to any Android phone. It provides you with an authentic experience of a real fingerprint lock. You will be asked to save three fingerprint samples when you first use it. And it will prompt you to scan your fingerprint once you want to unlock your screen, according your samples, you can only unlock your mobile phone by yourself. As one of the best fingerprint lock app for Android, not only can it protect your data very well, but also it can be a good way to find entertainment in our life.


Finger Scanner Lite
Finger Scanner Lite is another best fingerprint lock app for Android in our list. When using this app to unlock your screen, you will feel yourself as cool as a powerful leader who controls all secrets of your organization. As the same with Fingerprint Saver, you are asked to scan your fingerprint so that you can access to your smartphone. Your friends may have no way to pry into your secret by unlock your mobile device in your back.


As the first app to allow fingerprint lock, FingerSecurity fully deserve an honor in our list of Best Fingerprint Lock App for Android. It supports you to lock any apps with fingerprint. You can also use PIN and password as alternatives. One drawback of this app is that it only works on Android with a fingerprint sensor. Even though your smartphone equipped with fingerprint scanner, it can’t work. So before you download this app, you’d better check whether your smartphone has a fingerprint sensor.


Lockify is much different from many other fingerprint apps. It is much more “fingerprint lock”. You can create pictures using the ones offered by this app to have your customized fingerprint lock. And by using one of your created pictures as your wallpaper, you can get your fingerprint lock. Sounds interesting and cool! But thanks to this, you’re ready to prepare much more money to get it. If you don’t mind go for it from the Android Market.
There are still many Best Fingerprint App for Android in the market, in case you can’t find one best from above, you can go ahead to the Android Market and find some top listed fingerprint lock apps, then download and have a try.


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