How is Nintendo Switch?

After a long time waiting, Nintendo finally launched Nintendo Switch. Japan, the United States and other major online platforms are sold online, but now includes the Amazon, the official direct sales and offline stores are in the out of stock. How is Nintendo Switch?

SuperData, the leading data analyst, recently released the sales forecast report for Nintendo Switch, which reported that by the end of 2017, the Nintendo Switch was expected to sell 5 million amounts.

  How is Nintendo Switch? 2

Nintendo will be slowly and steady increase the sales of the new Nintendo SwitchSuperData said in the report, from the month aspect, release time of Nintendo Switch much earlier than its predecessor, Switch mainly attracted to those loyal users before more extensive, more mainstream groups to accept before.

According to past data, North America district may account for 45% of Switch sales, Europe district account for 34% and Japan account for 12% will be ranked in a third place.

SuperData said the biggest challenge for Nintendo is to convince consumers to buy Switch as a second device because of many players who have already purchased PS4 (already sold 54 million amounts) and Xbox One (already sold 26 million amounts).

How is Nintendo Switch? 3

SuperData also concluded that Switch may not sell much at first due to higher prices and lack of strong starting lineup. The company explained that in view of the PS4 and Xbox One already have cut prices, and both of they provide free games, so a host of $ 300 which not bundled game for consumers who have high threshold.

How is Nintendo Switch? Let’s see some online media evaluate on Nintendo Switch.


The Switch is Nintendo’s second attempt at a tablet-based game console, quickly following the release — and subsequent failure — of the Wii U. Where that console’s approach mixed its hardware metaphors — tethering a wireless display with a traditional console, and failing to deliver on either — the Switch is immediately more successful, which shouldn’t be surprising. It’s a course correction and an attempt to make good on the promise of the Wii U.

It feels unique, wholly unlike the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Switch is fully its own thing.

The Verge:

The most shocking thing about the Switch might be how many obvious pitfalls Nintendo has managed to elegantly avoid. Going from playing on the tablet to the TV is completely effortless, and there’s no sense of compromise whichever way you choose to play. Once you hold and use the Switch, it just makes sense.

Great hardware alone isn’t enough, of course. I have little doubt Nintendo’s first-party lineup will be amazing — Breath of the Wild alone is almost worth the cost of admission here — but the company’s weak spots have always been continuing and expanding third-party support, as well as providing a robust online service. Those are the potential pitfalls to come.

The Switch has all the makings of something truly great. Now Nintendo just needs to support it.


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