Difference between Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch


Since Apple Company released Apple Watch in 2015, great splash has been made in the technology world. There are three categories of Apple Watch—-Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. People who concern about this range of products may have noticed that in many ways Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch are similar, but there are some key differences too. Let’s read this article and discover the differences.


1. Different Prices
Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch are of different prices. While the Apple Watch Sport starts from just £299, which is the cheapest among the three categories and is also the entry price for those who don’t have much budget, the Apple Watch starts from £479, and has a price of £949 for the most expensive one. Both of the two kinds of watches have different prices for 38mm and 42mm variations.


2. Different Materials
Apple Watch Sport is crafted from anodised aluminium, which is believed to be 60 percent stronger than standard alloys and is very light at the same time. Such a feature makes Apple Watch Sport quite appropriate for being a fitness tracker—-people want something durable to wear on so they don’t have to worry about breaking it carelessly while doing exercises; they also want something light so that they can exercise without bearing a heavy burden.


Apple Watch is crafted from stainless steel which gives it a premium look. The stainless steel, being a bit heavy though, is a durable material, which makes Apple Watch durable. And the appealing appearance makes Apple Watch looks like an accessory and suitable for everyday use.
With regards to screen material, while the Apple Watch Sport screen is made by lon-x glass, the Apple Watch screen is made from Sapphire crystal glass which is as hard as nails and is said to be second only to diamond in toughness. The different glasses contribute to differences in prices of the two watches.


3. Different Bands
Since Apple Watch Sport is used mainly for sports activities, you’ll just have a selection of fluoroelastomer sport bands of different colors which are durable and strong to choose from. And the colors are white, green, pink and blue. Besides, black is also available if you purchase the Space Grey option in which case it ships with a black sports band.
But if you choose the Apple Watch, there will be a much wider choice of premium watchstraps with fancy design for you (including sport bans for Apple Watch Sport)—-link bracelet, leather loop, milanese loop, classic buckle and modern buckle. With so many types of bands you choose from, you can customize your watch according to your own style.


4. Different Charging Cables
The cable of Apple Watch Sport and the cable of Apple Watch look almost the same, despite that the former has a plastic looking while the other is of stainless steel looking. Both of the two are round in shape and have great performances in charging, but the latter looks much nicer thanks to the stainless steel material. If you are not a caper, then such a difference doesn’t matter at all.


Well, above are the main differences between the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch. To know more details, just search for users’ reviews on Google to see which one is better to you. You can also click here to watch a short video from Youtube in which comparisons between the two categories are made.


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