Best Wearable Fitness Trackers You Should Buy


Do you want an excellent fitness tracker to accompany you and accord the data while you’re doing sports? Are you tired of browsing so many different products on the market so as to pick up the most suitable one? Well, in this article, the editor lists 7 of the best wearable fitness trackers which deserve buying, let’s have a look.


1. Fitbit Charge 2
Fitbit Charge 2 is one of the most popular fitness trackers among fitness lovers because it is stylish and practical.
First of all, it tracks your heart rate right on your wrist continuously and automatically, which provides better calorie burn tracking and a clear picture of your health. Besides, it enables you to see call, text and calendar alerts on your wrist so as to keep your phone out of sight and your goals in focus. Still more, it tracks your all-day activity data like steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and it reminds you to move, which encourages you to stay active throughout the day.
One drawback of Fitbit Charge 2 is that it is not waterproof, so you can’t wear it while swimming.


2. Garmin Vivoactive HR
Garmin Vivoactive HR is a GPS smartwatch with a sunlight-readable, high-resolution color touchscreen and it has a great overall performance.
First, with the built-in accelerometer and GPS, it allows you to run both indoor and outdoor. You can also set up vibration alerts for heart rate, pace, run or walk intervals so that you know your body condition instantly and exercise reasonably. Besides, like all of Garmin’s devices, Vivoactive HR is waterproof down to 50 meters (165 feet), so you can wear to while swimming and taking a shower as you like. What’s more, with the advanced Elevate wrist heart rate technology, you can ditch the chest strap and measure heart rate from the wrist for all your sports except swimming, which provides you calorie burned information and quantifies the intensity of your fitness activities, providing better credit for your efforts.


3. Misfit Ray
People will first be touched by its fashionable appearance—- it looks more like an accessory than a fitness tracker. However, besides good-looking, it’s rather practical and powerful. First, it delivers the fitness tracking you need to stay motivated, including steps taken, distance traveled, calorie burned, activity tagging; it also tracks your sleep duration and quality. Second, just like Garmin Vivoactive HR, it is also waterproof down to 50 meters. What’s more, it will alert users to messages and calls from a paired smartphone so that they don’t have to worry about missing important information while exercising.


4. Jawbone UP3
Jawbone UP3 is so lightweight, comfortable and stylish that you’ll never want to take it off. First, it is designed to give you a clear picture of your heart health—-resting heart rate gives you your baseline when you wake up, while passive heart rate is measured throughout the day and helps you understand how the habits of your daily life affect your heart. Additionally, it tracks your sleep and measures Deep, Light and REM according to your sleep quality. It’s even kind and smart enough to give tips to help you get a better night’s sleep. What’s more, UP3 is also a personized coach that knows about your needs well and encourages you to move.


5. Moov Now
Unlike Misfit Ray and Jawbone UP3 which are fashionable enough to be worn all the time, Moov Now is designed to be worn only when you’re working out. Since 3D sensor technology has been applied, it tracks and analyses activity via a built-in coach so as to ensure you work up to a proper extent. Besides, it is waterproof down to 30 meters, and it is also resistant of dust. So, if you’d like to swim or to start a muddy trail run, just do it. What’s more, Moov Now features a host of training plans which is designed to help you achieve goals and then uses a voice coach to affect your performance in real time. And in this point, it performs much better than a handful of similar products.


6. TomTom Touch
The built-in body composition sensor is the biggest highlight of TomTom Touch. With a body composition analysis, it is able to measure your body fat and muscle mass percentage and to help you lose weight more effectively. As to tracking functions, there’s step tracking, sleep tracking, calorie burned and distance travelled tracking and heart rate tracking which is examined 24/7. What’s more, it enables you to set goals—-just as most good fitness trackers do. For example, you can set a goal that you’ll run 30 minutes or 3000 meters, or that you’ll take 20,000 steps. Oh, I have to mention its weight too—-10g, lighter than most fitness trackers, which brings little burden in your exercise.


7. Xiaomi Mi Band 2
Xiaomi is a famous Chinese brand, and it is becoming more and more international now. With a built-in sensor, Mi Brand 2 knows exactly when you begin your workout, so you don’t have to switch modes or tell it before you start. Besides, it you have been sitting still for too long, it will remind you that it’s time for a short walk or water break with a gentle buzz. What’s more, it carries your unique identity, so when you’re close to your Android smartphone, it unlocks instantly and automatically—-without the bother of inputting passcodes or recognizing fingerprint. Additionally, it is also waterproof and has incoming call and message alerts.


Well, above are brief descriptions of the 7 best wearable fitness trackers, is there anyone you like? Since I haven’t listed all the details, and there are some Fitbit, Garmin and Misfit ranges of categories I didn’t mention, you can browse for more information if you are interested.


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