Best GoPro Accessories for Snorkeling


If you go snorkeling, a GoPro is absolutely one of the best camera options to capture amazing underwater footage.But one camera alone is surely not enough for shooting excellent pictures. So, what else accessories do you need? Here is a list of best GoPro accessories for snorkeling.

1. Floatable Handle
The first thing to mention here is that such a handle is compatible with all GoPro cameras and it can be used in the water of 33 feet depth. You can stabilize the camera with the handle so that you can get better footage. Besides,since the handle is floatable, you’ll pay less effort to control the camera, which means that the process of shooting is facilitated and the experience will become much more easy and pleasant.


2. Anti-fog Insert
As is known to us, the temperature under the water is lower than that on the land, and the deeper the water is, the lower the temperature becomes. We also understand that the lens of camera is easy to be misty when it’s cold and wet. To prevent the camera lens from becoming foggy due to the low temperature and wet environment, anti-fog insert is strongly recommended. But be careful that each insert can just be used for four times, and if you’d like to reuse it, just heat it with a temperature of 300°F for about 5 minutes. You can do this by using an oven.


3. Spire Lamella Protective Box
If you have something else to do with your hands when snorkeling, then such a box is of use. You can put the camera in the spire lamella protective box, and wear the box just like a watch on your wrist, after that, your hands are free. However, it is compatible with Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4 only.


4. Headband and QuickClip
The headband is compatible with all GoPro cameras, and the QuickClip is used to fix the camera to the hat, belt and other things. With the application of such accessories, you can also free your hand. Be cautious that you should move in a gentle way because this set of accessories is not suitable for fierce movement.


5. 3-Way™
It is easy to carry but quite practical. When folded it is just 7.5 inches long, and when unfolded it is 20 inches. It can be used for taking selfie under water.
Well, above are just five most recommendable accessories, you can still search for more of them to suit your own needs. It seems that you have a lot of preparations to do before snorkeling if you want to shoot excellent footages. So just make sure what you need and take the necessary accessories with you.



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