Most Useful Apps for iPhone 2016

Now as long as you keep the smart device in hand, even if you are isolated and never go out, you can always keep in touch with this world by using the phone, so you can walk on the cutting-edge.

It is normal that people have a smart phone in pocket, backpacks and tablet PCs. If you think people are just watching the film or playing the game, this couldn’t be more wrong. These technologies in addition to providing recreation and making friends, there may have other more widely uses. Whether Apple or Android system provides thousands of apps, there are still many apps are exploited at the present.

Most people may have their own favorite app, today let me tell you these fast, fierce and most useful apps.


Most Useful Apps for iPhone 2016 2

No limited on Android or Apple you can use the app, it has a very good quality of the call and any call video can be free all over the world. You can not only chat on skype, but can always know the status of contacts with no advertisement, which is a very cost-effective call tool with good quality.

Skype automatically adjust the screen of each caller and the average distribution screen size; but when the people number of chat rooms is more than 7,  there would only speak of the party be on the screen, the other participants are sliding display as horizontal axis. In addition, Skype allows you to select a specific user on the display screen so that even the one is silent in the chat room, he would be displayed on the phone screen.


Most Useful Apps for iPhone 2016 3

Youtube is the world’s largest search engine except Google, and because Youtube and Google are belong to the same company so that the opportunity of exposure increase greatly  all over the world. The number of exposure provides the chance to upload their own film to the world, many of the famous people on Internet are also make the film on Youtube can be shared anywhere widely. Listening to songs, watching movies, news and events can be resolved on YouTube, no edit image of the picture is the trend of this generation.


Most Useful Apps for iPhone 2016 4

“You just need to say ‘ Hey Siri, pay someone $ 50 via Paypal.‘ “This command can be executed.” PayPal’s senior director of global consumer wrote in the official blog.According to PayPal official description, this feature is currently available in 30 countries, including: China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, the USA and so on.

The reason why more and more application developers pay attention to Siri due to Apple iOS 10’s SiriKit, which allows any third-party applications can make the user’s Siri become smarter. In the Apple special event this year, Paypal as one of the first integrate Siri’s global application developers boarded the Keynote. At present, some international popular applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Lyft, Skype and Uber have built-in Siri voice instructions.


Most Useful Apps for iPhone 2016 5

Facebook rank  first of social software, it has more than 1 billion people above the download rate active in the world which already became the world’s largest social networking site in 2010.

Facebook allows us can communicate with each other, use graffiti wall, share photos and other recent features which instantly share life to friends and family to close the distance. You can also make common friends so that interested people can focus on their dynamic messages and offers, not only to achieve the effect of advertising but also be improved popularity due to recommend of celebrity.


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