What Comes With MacBook Pro

There are always a group of consumers who are loyal fans of MacBook Pro. Programmers and fashion designers belong to that group, almost 90% of them use MacBook Pro or iMac Pro in their work. The others are students who lead the latest fashion trend and pursue the esthetic beauty. However, MacBook Pro has succeeded to win the heart of a larger number of people not only for its fancy appearance and outstanding design, but more importantly, for its superior function and performance.


Apple has kept us waiting a long time for a new MacBook Pro since the latest update. Recently, Apple unveiled three new MacBook Pro models: an entry-level 13” model with traditional function keys, a more powerful 13” mode with the new touch bar, and a 15” MacBook Pro with touch bar. So what comes with the new MacBook Pro? Let’s take a look roughly!

A thinner and lighter design
A new hinge system and thinner body design comes with MacBook Pro 2016. The simple but delicate design of MacBook has ever been thought as perfect and irreplaceable. While the new-released Surface Book showed us that the design can be better. MacBook Pro 2016 uses Surface Book’s design of metal hinge system for reference to achieve its thinner and lighter design.

USB-C ports are supported
What else comes with MacBook Pro? The refreshed models will feature USB-C ports, with Thunderbolt3, thus power port and HDMI port being replaced. That is to say, there will be 5 USB-C ports on the MacBook Pro with 3 ports on the left and 2 ports on the right. Inevitably, it will be a little inconvenient with all ports are replaced by USB-C. So it’s necessary to take this factor into consideration when you are going to buy a MacBook Pro 2016.

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OLED touch-sensitive panel and Touch ID
We will not call the upgrade of MacBook Pro as a revolutionary one if it just changes in appearance. The new features of OLED touch-sensitive panel and Touch ID are really a big deal. I think they could make a huge difference to the usability of the machine. Most of us are bothered by the embanking password which is a gibberish collection of characters. It’s easy for us to lose them and we always have to count them out to enter the correct ones. Now, we are able to logon just by using our fingerprint. Doesn’t a massive step forward in user-friendly purpose?

When Touch ID meets with Apple Pay, we will benefit more from them. Under the circumstances, Touch ID not only offered far greater security than using a physical card by substituting a one-time code for the actual card details.
About the OLED touch-sensitive panel, I have no more idea but the replacement of hard keys with soft ones. We can consider the change like this: OLED touch sensitive panel is not just used as function keys anymore; it can be viewed as a second screen to achieve some general operation in a more convenient way and without occupying extra space on the Mac table.

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