How to Deal with Macbook Air Battery not Charging

MacBook Air battery not charging often left us scratching  head. And it seems that this is a problem that many of us have encountered. So I wanted to share a couple of solutions that may help solve this issue.

1.Reboot Macbook Air

How to Deal with Macbook Air Battery not Charging 1

The hardware that controls the charging of your MacBook Air can get frozen or bugged up. A simple reboot could reset the hardware controlling MacBook charge and could solve the problem of your battery not charging. Just click restart, wait for the reboot, and try charging MacBook Air again.

2. Check Magsafe Power Adapter

How to Deal with Macbook Air Battery not Charging 2

If you see something stuck in the MagSafe adapter or Macbook Air port, unplug the MagSafe from the wall and disconnect the Macbook Air  from any power source, and then use a wooden object like a toothpick to remove it from the port.  You can’t use anything metal . This may sound a bit stupid, but it happens at many times. Because computers and MagSafe adapters are often carried in backpacks and bags, they can accumulate some particles that prevent a proper connection.If any of these symptoms appear such as discolorations, burns, or dents inside of the port, it could mean your port is damaged, take it into a local Apple authorized computer repair store or an Apple store to get it fixed. If you spot damage to any part of the power adapter, then there’s a good chance that’s what’s causing the problem. When this is the case, you will need to buy a replacement adapter. 

3. Reset the SMC

How to Deal with Macbook Air Battery not Charging 3

If you have rebooted your Macbook Air, checked the MagSafe adapter is all plugged in properly and the port is free of obstructions, the next choice you need to do is you should be to reset the System Management Controller (SMC). This can solve many power related issues with Airs, from batteries not charging to the battery missing message, refusal to sleep or wake properly, among all kinds of other problems. Reset the System Management Control (SMC) and try to solve the problem that way. First of all, shut down the MacBook by going to Apple menu>Shut Down. And then disconnect the MagSafe power adapter from the Mac, remove the battery. Next press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. Reconnect the battery and MagSafe power adapter after release the power button.The final step is to press the power button to turn on the computer.

4. Make Your Macbook Air Cooler

How to Deal with Macbook Air Battery not Charging 4

If none of these options have worked out, the issue may be overheating. Touch the top or bottom of your Macbook Air, it is the arch criminal if you feel hot. When in this case, close it down and shut the source down right away. leave it have a rest for a while and let it cool down.

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