How to Fix iPhone 7 Plus Hissing Noise?

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Your iPhone 7 Plus suddenly hisses ,you must be very annoyed. Just used two month, what’s wrong with my iPhone 7 Plus?

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First of all , we should calm down. Hoissing noise is just a little case. Actually, this is a widespread “issue” that is being reported by a number of iPhone 7 Plus users worldwide. In this article, I’ll explain why your iPhone 7 Plus is hissing when it  would happen what should we do.

The birth of the new phone means that new problems need to be deal with. One of them is a hissing sound that can be heard when You’re watching a video, playing a game, or using your favorite app on your brand new iPhone 7 Plus. Many iPhone 7 Plus users have reported hearing a very faint hissing noise coming from the back of their iPhone, or when they hold the back of the phone very close to their ear. This has been reported to happen when the phone is performing other tasks that require the iPhone’s processor to do a lot of work — in other words, when it gets hot, even when your iPhone 7 Plus is too old.

1.When your iPhone 7 Plus is doing much work


When  you use your iPhone 7 Plus to  play games , at the same time, your phone is automatical download.  iOS10 runs processes in the background to make your life easier. But, updating apps is a process that occupies your device’s CPU. You can disable this feature and update your apps manually via the App Store app.

To do so, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and tap the toggle switch to turn off Updates in the Automatic Downloads section.

So we would better not operate several apps at the same time.

2.When your iPhone 7 Plus gets hot

When your iPhone 7 Plus is doing complex tasks the processor inside gets hot and uses more power , which in turn heats up the speaker amplifier and results in a hissing sound or high-pitched whine. So, at this time,your iPhone 7 Plus is making thermal noise or coil whine, a hissing or high-pitched sound that occurs in electrical circuits when they heat up or consume more power.

There is another reason. The other thing can be the suspect of this issue is the surrounding temperature, such as, the place you put the iPhone,  hot weather or you charge your iPhone 7 Plus but you do not take off  its case.

So keep your iPhone 7 Plus cool that is a good way to avoid hissing noise.

3.Your iPhone 7 Plus is old

On 7, September 2016 , iPhone 7 and 7 Plus released. So just two month your iPhone 7 Plus must be new. It can not be old. So if your iPhone 7 Plus hisses this reason would be very little. If one day your iPhone 7 Plus hisses its because  your iPhone 7 Plus is old . Just update your iOS System, updating iOS system can help you to get rid this issue because it always comes with bug fixes and new features.

It’s normal for  iPhone 7 Plus or other electronic components to make a bit of noise when being used to process data or perform other tasks. So dont worry about too much.

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