The Best Phone for International Travel

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I strongly recommend these two types phone,for your internation travel.(We have a lot of things to ready before we go to internation travel, such as, )

iPhone 7 Plus: The Best Camera

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus is an excellent phone that provides users with a fast, reliable platform.  

The iPhone 7 Plus’s exclusive new feature is the new camera system. The iPhone 7 camera is improved with optical image stabilisation for the first time on a base iPhone model, but the iPhone 7 Plus boasts a dual lens set up that improves with two 12Mp cameras. Low-light photos are so much better than they used to be, since the Camera app can combine data from both lenses, the optical image stabilization helps keep things steady, and the wide-angle lens’s f/1.8 aperture lets in a lot more light than the f/2.2 lens in the iPhone 6s. (The telephoto lens has a f/2.8 aperture.)

The new Portrait mode coming to iOS 10.1 is a great example of what the iPhone 7 Plus’s exclusive two-lens camera system can do.

As with the rest of the Camera app’s modes, Portrait aims to make things simple for the user. When you enable the mode, the view switches to the zoomed-in, 56mm-equivalent, 6.6mm “telephoto” lens, and the camera will attempt to detect your subject, and then if the lighting conditions are right, you’ll see a live preview that keeps your subject sharp while blurring the background with a lovely bokeh effect. A little label pops up on the screen to say “Depth Effect” so you know you’ve got it, and you’ll get a warning if there isn’t enough light. It works better outdoors—inside, the photos can get noisy if you don’t have plenty of light.

The iPhone 7 Plus’s Camera app also has a button above the shutter that toggles between a 1x and 2x view, or can be adjusted to any zoom level from 1x to 10x. You might assume that shooting at 1x uses the wide-angle lens, while switching to 2x will use the telephoto lens, and going above 2x will use digital zoom. So there is no need to bring a large camera for our internation travel. We can reduce much weight.

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Google Nexus 5X: The Best Reasonable Price

The Google Nexus 5X offers great performance, wide carrier compatibility, great pictures, an excellent fingerprint sensor and a relatively small, lightweight chassis, all for a fairly low price.

Google’s new 5X would be an impressive phone at any price. As the sequel to perhaps the most beloved Google phone ever—2013’s Nexus 5—this new version, made, like its predecessor, by LG, had big shoes to fill. It does that and more.

The 5X has a matte plastic casing in place of the 6P’s aluminum—a less elegant combination, but one that keeps the phone light and easy to hold. Its 5.2-inch screen is the smallest of those I tested, and while I’m a fan of big phones, the 5X was temptingly easy to carry around. (It’s still a half-inch bigger than the iPhone 6S.) What it does share with the 6P is that great new camera, with its oversized pixels, laser-assisted autofocus, and 4K video.

Battery life was on par with the 6P: quite good. Like its sibling, the 5X ships with the improved idle-time management of Android 6; and like the 6P, the 5X can get speedy (really speedy) refills from its new USB-C charger. Add to that a fingerprint sensor that’s faster than the iPhone’s and an LCD screen that delivers less punch but more realistic color tone than the 6P’s, and the 5X starts to feel like the deal of the year—flagship features at a bargain-line price.

Google Nexus 5X is a fantastic pick for people who want a relatively small, light weight smartphone with excellent value for money.

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Traveling abroad with iPhone 7 plus, You dont need to worry about the capacity of your phone. 256GB can storage all of the beautiful pictures that you take from all over the world.

Traveling abroad with iPhone 7 plus, you have access to a high quality camera, high speed internet, a translator, a library of books, and endless games to pass the time.

However, You want a phone that is reasonable price and does not affect your economy  level. There is no doubt ,Google Nexus 5X is the best choice.


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