The front camera of iPhone 7 not working

Nowadays, the smart phones are updated with each passing day. However, no matter how it changes, the camera function is always one aspect which the consumers and mobile phone manufacturers are very concerned about. At present, there are two kinds of cellphones flooding the market: one is Android, and the other is iPhone. They are completely different from each other on the idea of camera. Android cellphones mostly improve the shooting effect through high pixel. But the iPhone is more preferring low pixel, such as the latest iPhone 7 whose front camera is only 7 million pixels. And its front camera is added a lot of new functions that only existed in back camera previously.

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Recently, some consumers complained that their front camera of iPhone 7 didn’t work. It is undoubtedly a bad news for the handsome guys or beautiful women who like taking selfies. In fact, with the software, such as Snapchat and WhatsApp, being applied to most mobile phones, the front camera of high quality is more important than ever before. The front camera of iPhone 7 supports live photo and anti-shake. But as long as it doesn’t work, any functions cannot be used.


Generally speaking, there are two reasons for the front camera of iPhone 7 not working. One is software problem, and the other is hardware problem. If you are sure that your mobile phone had never been dropped or broken, you should consider whether it is caused by system problem. In this case, you can try to solve it as the following steps:


1. Turn off and restart the mobile phone. If the problem is still not be solved, do as step 2.

Turn_off_and_restart_the mobile_phone_to_solve_the_front_camera_of_iPhone_7_not_working

2. Click and enter the “setting” option on your phone screen. Then find “general” and enter it, you will see the option “restore”. Choose the option “restore all settings” to see whether the front camera can work. If not, go step 3.


3. Restore firmware in DFU mode (Development Firmware Upgrade). Firstly, connect your iPhone to computer with a USB line, then turn the iPhone off. Secondly, press the power control button and home button at the same time for a few seconds until the white Apple logo appears. Thirdly, ease the power control button, but continue pressing the home button to start iTunes. At last, hold down the shift key on the keyboard and choose the corresponding firmware to restore.


If the front camera of your iPhone 7 can work again after the steps described above, everything will go off beautifully. But if it still doesn’t work, you should check the hardware. Maybe the buckle of front camera is loosening, or the FPC of mobile phone is broken, or simply the front camera is broken. If this, you’d better contact Apple customer service or go to the mobile phone maintenance shop for help.


Sometimes, the smart phones will be out of order, just like computers. When facing these problems, please keep a cool head and never lose your composure, as the solutions are forever more than the difficulties.


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