Can You Use WIFI On A Plane

The experience of flying may be very boring for many people. You commonly sit in an uncomfortable seat, and do not have enough places to move. The best way to ease the mental and physical pain of a flight may be distraction of entertainment. For many years, when you are on a plane, you have to turn off your phone, despite many people want to surf the internet during flying. Can we use Wi-Fi on a plane?


Nowadays the Wi-Fi connections of plane are becoming quite common, almost 40% of the international flights, such as the United States airlines, the United Arab Emirates airlines and Qatar airlines provide in-flight Wi-Fi service.

In-flight internet has existed for a period of time, but you generally have to pay exorbitant fees for bad service. At present, the In-flight Wi-Fi services mainly depends on the ground console, the supplier named Gogo has a 100 – degree ground antenna base station sends signal to the plane, but in junction, the base station signal will sometimes be blocked, the speed of Wi-Fi can only be up to 10 Mbps. They expected in 2018, the highest speed of In-flight Wi-Fi can reach to 100 Mbps. The company said, after the upgrade, they will use LTE, reduce the demand of the ground console, and improve the network speed. With the technical improvement, correspondingly, the price will drop. The company is expected to cooperate with nearly 17 Airlines Company to provide this service.


On the other side, some expertise said in-flight Wi-Fi which we like could be breached by hackers to take control of the plane. The Government Accountability Office has issued a warning that hackers sitting thousand feet below on the ground can get access of the onboard system computers through plane’s Wi-Fi system for passengers. According to the report, airlines are relying on “firewalls” to create barriers. But because firewalls are software, they could be hacked. It is possible for a hacker uses just a PC to take control of the flight through airplane Wi-Fi, put some virus into the system, make threat to the security and take over the navigation and warning systems. It isn’t an easy task, but the report focused on alarming the Federal Aviation to advance its system. This warning covers all the planes like the Airbus A350, A380, and other plans with advanced cockpits. These modern planes have their cockpit communication connected to the airplane Wi-Fi for passengers. It’s not safe enough to use Wi-Fi on a plane under such circumstances.


The FAA had already made a comprehensive program to improve the cyber security defenses of the National Airspace System infrastructure. Any changes in the current aviation systems will take a lot of time, but the security systems must be continuously developed to ensure the best possible security standards.

So, if your flight provides in-flight Wi-Fi, just use it. But, remember, you cannot make calls and send messages during flying.

Can You Use WIFI On A Plane》有44个想法

  1. I always though the WAN connection of the airplane was totally different than the WAN for the inflight computer and crew computers, it’s kind of silly to use the same connection to both but they for sure did it for a good reason.

  2. Thats fabulous
    So boring travelling without wi fi
    Lets hope this gets rolled out world eide to gives a better inflight experience

  3. Thanks for this. I don’t like public WiFi at all and I’d just err on the side of caution in this case as well.

  4. Yes you can these days depending on the flight, but I would be careful using it still with any private info entered. No calls or sending messages while in flight though

  5. I’ve not used WiFi on a flight yet but have so wanted to. I’m glad that the FAA is allowing me use of it

  6. yes, yes, but I consider it unnecessary, so important it is to be always connected?!?! There are other pleasures, read a good book, watch a movie, talk, sleep, think, etc … reflect please …

  7. About 40% of flights have wifi, but it is not that good. Some planes don’t allow you to use wifi. You cannot use your cell phone to text or make calls during flights.

  8. A nice convenience on a long flight. I had one flight that had limited free wifi for eBay.


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