How to Choose a Wireless Headphone for iPhone 7

how to choose a wireless headphone for iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 are finally released, but most rumors claim that Apple will remove the headphone jack on the new device. It’s apparently studying headphones that would connect to a device using a wired and wireless system.

The wireless headphone jack system consists of a pair of Ear Pod-like earbuds that appear similar to what’s currently found in your iPhone retail box.

how to choose a wireless headphone for iPhone 7

In daily life, wireless headphones may look like the ideal companion for your Smartphone. However it also includes some drawbacks. So today I marked out some tips on how to choose a wireless headphone for iPhone 7. If the shortages I listed do not count much to you, then you can get a cordless headset which matched your taste and budget.

1: Transmission

how to choose a wireless headphone for iPhone 7

First and foremost, check the technology whether used for transmitting the sound wirelessly.

PC wireless headphones and smartphone cordless headsets are powered by batteries. Make sure that they are stand with a standard batteries and not some proprietary format.


2: Sound Quality.


The headphone sound quality is depends on it size, type and quality of the drivers. Closed design headphones isolate sound better.

However, check the Bluetooth headphone major drawbacks is the fact that large obstructions between the transmitter and the headset might cause the sound quality to drop, even if you are in the range.


3: Durability

how to choose a wireless headphone for iPhone 7

The increased sensitivity of wireless headset to physical shock is another problem.

Typically speaking, the normal headphones could work well after being dropped but cordless headset.

So make sure that your wireless headphone is enjoying great reputation on Durability.


4: Purpose

how to choose a wireless headphone for iPhone 7

Thinking about your purpose when choose a wireless headphone. Different wireless headphone will suit different sensual pleasures. Such as some of the wireless headphones are better for music, while others were developed for gamers. So make sure your purpose before buying it.


Top 3 Wireless Headphones Recommendations


1: Optoma NuForce BE6i

how to choose a wireless headphone for iPhone 7

It’s a minor update to an already great pair of earbuds which called NuForce BE6 and remain a great price of in-ear wireless headphones.

Great sound quality, build battery life in its segment, it would e a top choice if you are looking for a pair of wireless headphone that can survive a strenuous work out.


2: Beats Solo 2 Wirelesses

how to choose a wireless headphone for iPhone 7

The Beats Solo 2 Wireless is slick, professional looking option with the beat to back it. It’s easy to recommend based on looks alone, but more importantly, it speaks for itself with some seriously sweet features like 24-hour battery life, great sound and noise cancellation.


3: Parrot Zik 2.0

how to choose a wireless headphone for iPhone 7

If the selection we’ve provided so far has been a little out of reach financially, the next one will be in your favor.

The Parrot Zik 2.0 is surprisingly well-rounded choice. Not only do they look good, but they sound reasonably great for the price.

It would be a fantastic choice if you are looking for an affordable, good sound wireless headphone.


Have you got the secret on choosing a wireless headphone for your iPhone 7 ?

If you have better idea or wireless headphone recommendations, just comment below!




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