Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosion Risk


The current best big screen smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released on 2nd Aug and it has absolutely generated a buzz in the whole world. The pioneered retina scanner, smooth edges, quick GIF maker, water resistant and other outstanding features make Galaxy Note 7 tend to be impeccable. Only 2 weeks after its launch day, the amount of orders had reached 400,000 without a hitch, however, after its official landing in China, there’s no doubt that the sales will hit a new peak.


Galaxy Note 7 is right on fire in the smartphone market, but a breaking news came to shock the world in the past week, Galaxy Note 7 was catching fire for real! 

South Korean news agency Yonhap said five or six explosions were reported by consumers. It cited pictures of severely damaged phones shared in local online communities, social media and YouTube. Even though there were no confirmed reports of any injuries, the photos and accounts could not be immediately verified yet, many rumors say that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may be recalled over fire risk. Samsung had taken the unprecedented step of halting sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Australia after 5 handsets reportedly caught fire in South Korea. 

Why did Galaxy Note 7 catch fire even explode?

The explosion was triggered by the battery heating and fire while charging, according to the description of the victim of Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion, the charger and charging cable he used were not genuine, he applied an old Type-C adaptor which was connected with an unbranded cable, some bloggers deduced a conclusion that unmatched charger and cable caused Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion, hence, charging with original Samsung charger and cable is highly recommended.


Is that all? Probably not. Citing an unnamed company official, it is said that Samsung’s investigation found that faulty batteries caused the phone to catch fire. The number of the Galaxy Note 7 phones with a faulty battery accounts for “less than 0.1 percent” of the products in the market. Some shipments are being delayed due to additional tests being conducted for product quality. People started to worry that the Galaxy Note 7 on hand hit that 0.1 percent.


Samsung officials did not reply to questions about how Samsung determined which phones are deemed safe and which require further testing. It did not say if those phones are different from the ones sold in South Korea. As the latest iteration product of Samsung, several Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion cases happened within such a short period after the launch, it created a perfect chance for the upcoming iPhone 7 to take the lead again.




Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosion Risk》有10个想法

  1. He used a unbranded charger and cable charging with original charger and cable is highly recommended..


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