How To Charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Faster?



Yes, as we all see, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is featured with a big 3350mAh battery, which exceeds nearly 5oomAh than the bigger iPhone 6 plus. However, big battery doesn’t mean it will provide you a full day running time to shift from working and entertainment, having a 3350mAh external battery pack with a half weight of the Galaxy Note7 will be a good choice. Then, you may try every tips about how to charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 faster. Here we have rounded up some stuffs to enable you charge your new Galaxy Note 7 in a short time around full day.

How to charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 faster?

Option 1 Charge it with original accessories.


There are hundreds of chargers to provide power to Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and what is your choice? What will attract you to choose the one from brunch of different chargers? For the mini-size, or famous brand? Actually, I have a suggestion is please charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with its original charger. There are two standards fast charging for Note 7, Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0. On the market, some cables and chargers trend to be universal for the Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0, or even Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0. But the truth is not everyone reach the strict requirements about Qualcomm’s Quick Charge. Lucky, EasyAcc 1000mAh power bank rushed in to the Qualcomm’s quick-charge-device-list, which means you could rely on its fast charging speed. Back to how to charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 faster, original charger and cable will bring you the fast charging experience than what others do. Just remember that, if you need to charge it without your original charger, you should charge Note 7 with chargers which performance to support the two charge standards.


Option 2 Charge it with wireless charging stands or pads 

As I mentioned in how to charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 without charger, Samsung released fast charge Qi wireless charging stand with a simple design to provide wireless charging with a faster speed. Every manufacturer knows how to make a suitable and super accessories for its own smartphone, this time, Samsung is not the exception.

How To Charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Without Charger,fast charge wireless charging stand

This Samsung fast charger stand is made with Qi wireless charging technology, which must become very popular way to charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 faster.



If the round stand is not what you are looking for, the SENEO fast wireless Qi Charging stand should be another choice. Be different with the dish stand, this charger with holder stand design which enable you charge the Note 7 vertically or horizontally and you can enjoy movie and music without interrupting while charging. 

Notice that, most charging stands and pads, except Samsung, will need to work for charging Samsung Galaxy Note 7 faster with the wall adapter. If not, you will find the note 7 just get a regular charging instead of Fast Charge. Then, how about having a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger for the new big smartphone? Besides Quick-Charge models, the charger adopts the cutting-edge Smart Charge technology, that offers fast charge to almost USB devices as the original chargers do.

QC 3.0 wall charger US Version


QC 3.0 wall charger UK VersionHow-To-Charge-Samsung-Note-7-Faster-6

Personal excellent ideas about how to charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 faster are warmly welcome, comment below is on the way to go.


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