How Fast Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge can be charged?


Samsung launched its flagship smartphone Galaxy S7 Edge in this February, even though  Galaxy Note 7 came into public six months later, Galaxy S7 Edge is still commonly regarded as a revolutionary smartphone with seriously incredible spec and features. In order to generate a buzz as the standout sponsor at the passed Rio Olympics, Samsung even created a special Rio Olympics version of its Galaxy S7 Edge.


Outstanding features of Galaxy S7 Edge

1.Top-notch build quality & Eye-catching design make it look premium and royal

2.Great camera can record the precious moments and click outstanding images in high quality even in the dark

3.Water and dust proofing acts as a cherry on top

4.Battery capacity is up to 3600 mAh, even 100 mAh larger than the later released big screen Note 7

5.Quick wireless charging is a bonus point


While the Galaxy S7 Edge don’t have a removable battery like some older Samsung smartphones did,  to improve user experience Samsung took a giant leap on battery capacity and fast charge technology simultaneously.

How fast Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge can be charged?

The speed of charging heavily relies on the charger you use. For Galaxy S7 Edge fast charge, there are 2 different types: Adaptive Fast Charge and Fast Wireless Charge.

Galaxy S7 Edge adaptive fast charge is designed specifically to work with the wall charger that came with your device, take a look at the output of the adaptive wall charger, the output current is 2A which halve the charging time with an old 1A charger. Theoretically, charging your Galaxy S7 Edge from 0% to 100% will take 3600 mAh / 2000 mA = 1.8 hours, additionally the first 50% can be recharged in about 30 minutes thanks to new Samsung fast charging technology.

When you are applying Galaxy S7 Edge fast charging, open the notification panel you will find a Fast Charging notification instead of cable charging


Fast Wireless Charging is a new option comes with quickly developing wireless charging technology, it increased the speed by 1.4x and now Qi Wireless charging pads will output 15W of charging power, making it far more ideal.  Older Wireless charging pads had 10w output, and weren’t very fast, taking nearly 3-4 hours to recharge a phone. Fast Wireless charging with 15W output will recharge Galaxy S7 Edge 50 minutes faster than older wireless charging methods.

There are 2 different types of wireless charging pad supplied by Samsung Official, the newest one with 15W output is labeled with “Fast Charge” logo which is compatible with Galaxy S7 Edge.




For a high battery capacity smartphone, fast charging is a must have supporting function. Samsung spared no effort to make a difference in Galaxy S7 Edge fast charge development, the duration of charging had been shortened in an more acceptable range.


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