Tips for Improving Galaxy Note 7’s Battery Life



The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released on Aug 2nd. Within its curved design, new S pen and water proof function that has attracted many fans also amazed many people. As much as we love the Galaxy Note 7, we wish that the Samsung’s latest and greatest phablet was blessed with better battery life. If you have bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 already and want more features and tips, check here and find how to get better battery life with Galaxy Note 7.


Power Saving Mode



In Setting Menu→Device Maintenance, you will find the ‘Battery’ at the bottom of the screen. Give this a tap and you’ll see the Note 7’s predicted battery life and various options for giving your remaining time a boost.

Meanwhile, you can select one of the ‘Mid’ options to get an extra hour or two of uses if your battery’s close to drained.

Or the ‘Max’ option is a better choice, within the basic apps inside such as calls and texts. It will save much space and get hours of life from the battery dregs.


Stop Apps


If you want your phone with good battery life, the best way is using Samsung’s Device Maintenance tool to see which apps are draining power and stop them from being such battery hogs.

Setting → Device Maintenance → App Power Monitor.

The high figures are means the app could be churning away in the background, eating up your Note 7’s power when you are not even using it.


Screen Auto Brightness


 Settings → Display

Make sure you have auto brightness activated. This automatically dims the screen when you’re in a more ambient environment, and only pumps it up when you’re in a brightly lit area.


Always on Display


This bottom will shows the date, time, current battery level and any notifications that are waiting from your first-party apps Head to Settings, Display and then Always On Display to activate this feature and tweak the layout. You can even have it activate and deactivate at set times.


Have you got the secret of keeping Galaxy Note 7’s battery life? If you have better tricks and tips, just comment below!



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