How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Mac

Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are taking the place of the traditional speakers. It releases the speaker from connecting with cords, so it is easy to carry. It also makes life convenient because you can move with your device without worrying about the cables. If you don’t like to move or adjust anything when connecting with speakers, Bluetooth speakers is one of your choice.

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As it becomes popular, there are always users said they failed to connect Bluetooth speaker to Mac. Here will show how to connect Bluetooth speaker to Mac, and you may find some reasons for disconnecting.

Before connecting to Mac, at first, whether the Bluetooth speaker is connected with other smart device should be confirmed. If Bluetooth speaker is connecting with other device, you can just find Bluetooth speaker but can’t connect Mac with it.

 bluetooth speaker connect with other device

Secondly, you need to check if the Bluetooth speaker is able to be found. Bluetooth is default adapting device, so there is no need for password and you can check the direction to see if speaker is waiting to be connected.

Thirdly, open your Bluetooth speaker and let it wait to be connected. Then open Bluetooth in your Mac and look for your Bluetooth Speaker on the list.

Bluetooth device list

When the speaker is connected successfully, it will show as a trumpet logo. Then you can go to iTunes to test the voice of the Bluetooth Speaker. At the same time, when connecting successfully, the Bluetooth logo in the top will get three spots.

To help you check about the Bluetooth connection, here is a list of Bluetooth menu icon and the meaning of it. 

Bluetooth-icon-5Bluetooth turned on, but There are no devices connected to the Mac.

Bluetooth-icon-4Bluetooth turned on and at least one wireless device is connected.

Bluetooth-icon-3When this icon flashed, at least one wireless device has a low battery.

Bluetooth-icon-2Bluetooth is off.

Bluetooth-icon-1Bluetooth offline. Disconnect all USB devices and restart your Mac again. 


After successful connecting, you can use your mac to set your speakers by clicking voice preference setting of your Bluetooth speaker. But there are not many selections inside setting here.

If you want to stop connecting Bluetooth speaker, you can directly close the Bluetooth or click disconnecting in the device selection.

Below are videos that simply show some steps to connect Bluetooth Speaker to Mac

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