Get New Emoji for iPhone: Black, Yellow, and White people, and girls have Emoji.

new emoji for iphone

Are you an emoji fan that likes to use emoji to show all the words? Since everyone is different in the world, people always want to have emoji to fit themselves perfectly. It looks pretty cool to know how to get more emoji and people want to get more interesting emoji. If you are a iPhone user and want to get new emoji, now you can be satisfied.

get more emoji

Apple sent the Developer Preview of iOS 10 Beta 4, and more than 100 new emoji for iPhone are added in this new version. It is said that the design of emoji is uniform. There are no skin color differences and gender differences, which is easy to bring problem of gender discrimination. Some people think there should be black people emoji, girl emoji, or even black girl emoji.

For the new adding emoji, some emoji have male and female version. Lots of girl emoji is added, such as female building worker, female detective, female weight lifter, female basketball player, and female swimmer.

  girl emoji  

Besides, the iPhone new emoji add the skin color to 6 different kind of color to choose. So there are black people emoji offered, so dose black girl emoji. In order to get black people emoji, users just need to put finger in the emoji for few second, and the choice will show. It also put the hair color into concern. Even the emoji of hands have six skin colors to choose.

black people emoji

Compared with old emoji offering family about parents and kids, new emoji for iPhone have 25 kinds of family, including single parents’ family and gay family to fit all users.

Apple also considers some emoji, such as gun, may bring anxious users experience because of the terrorist violent attacks happened these years. So, in iPhone new emoji, gun emoji is taken place by water gun.

water gun emoji

This new emoji for iPhone is created by Apple and Unicode Consortium and they try their best to show the difference of people around the world.

There may still some people want to know how to use emoji. Some of they may find it shows during their typing time, but there are a way to find them all. If you are an iPhone user and the iOS system is later than iOS 5, just follower the route in Setting below: Setting> General> Keyboard> Keyboard> Add New Keyboard…> Emoji.  Selecting Emoji, then you will find it as an input method when you typing.

emoji setting

Hope everyone will enjoy the new Emoji for iPhone.


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