Giveaway of Best Travel Accessories for Summer Vacation: Hiking, Camping, or Road Trip

Summer is the best season! Summer is the best vacation time! Everyone is on the way for summer vacation in reality or in dream. Are you going to go camping, hiking, climbing, or any other summer vacation activities? Now, just come and check what travel accessories you can get from our giveaway here.

Giveaway of Best Travel Accessories for Summer Vacation

Best Travel Accessories for Hiking:

Hiking is the best way to get close to the nature. With so many national parks, forests and mountains, summer vacation is a perfect time to explore the natural with sunshine. EasyAcc has some products that colorful your trip.

EasyAcc 28 W USB Solar Charger with Sun Power Solar Panel

Hike with power. Compared to the traditional 13.5%~15.5% efficiency, the charging time in this solar charger is decreased a half by the highest energy efficiency of 21.5%~23.5%. Each port inside features a smart chip to charge all of your USB devices safely. Power bank may not enough for your long trip, but there is sunshine, there is power from solar charger. It can also charge your empty power bank. Just let your summer vacation full with sun power.

EasyAcc solar charger for summer hiking

EasyAcc 9000mAh Waterproof Power Bank

I always dream I get another chance to visit Zion National Park again, and then I will experience the trial “the Narrow” for sure. For those who have the same idea as me or want to visit other water trial, a waterproof power bank will be a necessary partner to support your devices. It is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. Getting some waterproof accessories for your summer vacation will help you enjoy a great time and this power bank can be your first steps.

EasyAcc waterproof power bank for hiking

Best Travel Accessories for Camping

Camping is the other natural interactive activity and the nice temperature in summer night always brings comfort camping environment. Several camping night will make your summer vacation more colorful. Two gadgets below is what we prepare for your summer camping night.

EasyAcc 20000mAh Rugged Power Bank

It is totally dark in the nature. The multi- function flashing light makes this power bank more useful in the wild. You won’t need an extra flashlight anymore and it also saves battery. You won’t need to refuse camping chance for the fear of dark any more. Its 20000mAh capacity will also offer your devices enough power during the night.

EasyAcc powerbank for camping

EasyAcc Mini USB Desktop Metal Fan

Sunny and hot temperature always bring exciting and crazy. However, sometimes people will need to calm down after day activities. Consider about no air condition in the wild, the Mini USB Metal Fan will solve the problem. It is pretty small that won’t waste space and is noise reduction design that won’t bother you more. If you still feel it’s too complicated for the USB charger. You can also check our new EasyAcc Handheld Portable fan, which is charged by battery. You will have a good rest in summer vacation by a mini fan.

EasyAcc mini fan for summer camping

Travel Accessories on the way

Will you feel boring during the long time on the way to your destination for summer vacation? Will you need more power for your cellphone after navigation or music playing?

EasyAcc 25W 5A 2-Port Coiled Car Charger

With a car charger, you can use your USB devices on the way as long as you like. It is high efficiency that the energy conversion rate is higher than 90%, which offers fast charging speed. Two USB outputs let you charge different devices in the same time, and there is a built-in coiled cable to solve the problem of missing cables.

EasyAcc car charger for summer trip

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Giveaway of Best Travel Accessories for Summer Vacation: Hiking, Camping, or Road Trip》有203个想法

  1. EasyAcc 20000mAh Rugged Power Bank would really come in handy when we lose power during our hurricanes in Fl

  2. The EasyAcc 28 W USB Solar Charger with Sun Power Solar Panel looks amazing and would come in very handy. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  3. The Solar Charger would be a much needed addition to my wife and I as working digital nomads!

  4. I would have the most use from the EasyAcc 25W 5A 2-Port Coiled Car Charger. This would be a wonderful addition to keep those accessories we think we can’t live without running smoothly.

  5. The EasyAcc Mini USB Desktop Metal Fan looks great specially for me as I have lots of hot flushes when out in the summer!

  6. I’ve just got back form a week in the forest of dean – I’m going camping next month in west wales and then at the end of the summer I am off to new york and orlando 😀

  7. We always have a knack for pitching the tent a touch too far from the hook up so the solar panel would be great.

  8. I want the EasyAcc 28 W USB Solar Charger with Sun Power Solar Panel for when I am camping and fishing this summer.

  9. I want the EasyAcc 20000mAh Rugged Power Bank for my summer vacation plan!

  10. The EasyAcc Mini USB Desktop Metal Fan looks like exactly what I need! We sleep with a fan at home, and when we travel it sucks not having one!

  11. I want the EasyAcc 25W 5A 2-Port Coiled Car Charger for my summer vacation plan.

  12. I like to hike and camp as much as possible, I think it’s a toss up between the solar charger or the rugged power bank. Both allow me to keep things charged when on the move in the event of an emergency when hundreds of miles from home.


  14. Good day,

    Just wanted to touch base with you to inform you that I never received this prize. If there is something I can do to help you please let me know.


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