What To Do When My Car Charger is Not Working?



We are now living in a constantly moving world in which mobile devices are our windows to social media, the internet and entertainment resources. So many convenient gadgets are appeared in the market, such as power bank, solar charger and car charger, these gadgets are specially designed for any powered off emergency.

Here, I have compiled list of Q&A about car charger. Hope it can make sense to your guys!


What is Car Charger?


Car charger is a transformation of external battery packs, which crams a lot of power into its small package and has been gradually taken into application into your driving life. Actually, with its portable mini size and convenient feasibility, it has been a must-be for most drivers.


What To Do When My Car Charger is not working?


We all know that in this skeptical age, our faith in many of the things in which our forefather fervently believed has weakened. Our confidence in the mobile devices of the convenient gadgets remains the same as theirs. People may be skeptical about the car charger’s quality and whether it’s safe or not. What should we do if car charger is not working on my car?

Well, there are 4 reasons for why a car charger is not working.

  1. The electrical outlet is not switched on( sometimes a car switch has to be set on)
  2. The source of energy is not fast enough or just not working.
  3. The car charger is not connected right.
  4. The car charger has a defect with low quality. Do remember that you buy what you get!


Here I collected a Q&A which shows the solution.

Question: Why does my car charger port not work?

My cell phone will not charge in my 2011 Toyota Avalon. When I plug my new charger into the car and phone, the charger light does not come on. The battery bars on my phone’s screen do not move either. When I plug my phone into a family member’s car using the same charger, the phone charges perfectly. The charger light comes on and the battery bars move on the screen. My family member’s car is a Lexus. Both of the charger ports in my car do not work. What could be wrong with them?


Firstly, start with checking the fuse to the outlet. Many times a charger uses more than the fuse can handle. If that is the case I am sorry but it will not work in your car as it is wired.

Secondly, clean up your cigarette lighter space, to ensure your charger can get a good contact to supply current up and GPS charger cable.

Thirdly, find the fuse panel and locate a fuse that says CIG LTR or AUX PWR. Replacing that fuse should solve your problem.

Well, if you have already done both of it and your car charger still not working. Just forgive it! People always say you buy what you get. Brand reputation and product quality should be not ignored in product choosing, especially mobile gadgets.


Here are several car charger recommendations for you. Just check it!

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EasyAcc 25W 5A 2-Port Coiled Car Charger

Anker PowerDrive+ 1 Car Charger

Nekteck Quick Car Charger

Tronsmart Dual USB Turbo Car Charger



What To Do When My Car Charger is Not Working?》有5个想法

  1. okay so i am 16 years old i bought a Honda Accord 2002 and i bought a new radio and it worked perfectly but then a kid came in to my car with me an plugged in an air compressor in my car and now the charger port and my new radio wont work,

    1. Get a aux cord hook.Ur phone up to YouTube n you can listen to whatever u want for right now until ur problem solved even after u can still use aux cord after 5.00 at dollar store


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