Top 5 Best Children’s Day Gifts

children's day-gift-2



children's day-gift-2

Children’s Day is coming soon. Happy Children’s day to all of lovely Children!!!

Have you prepared a great holiday gift for upcoming Children’s day? The kids must have expected to the holiday gift for long time. Chocolate? Sugar? toys? Barbie Dolls? Come on… If you do feel tired for these kinds of gifts, the kids either.

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All of us who have children with too many toys and Barbie dolls always find them scattered throughout the house. Gifts are good things. However, many gifts with no creative are not good. Luckily for you, here is 2016 best Children’s Day gift guide, hope it can make sense to your guys.

What is Children’s Day Origin?

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Children’s Day is also called the international Children’s Day. It’s recognized on various days in many places around the world to honor children globally and established by the Women’s International Democratic Federation.


Best gifts for Children’s Day

children's day-gift-9

What kind of gifts could be attractive and make your baby in ferment? It’s too difficult to give a perfect answer. So here I collected several gift with innovation and practicability which can make your kids feel happy and benefit.

1: Genius Kids Designer Pen Tablet.

children's day-gift-5

The Genius kids designer pen tablet can be used by kids to draw, paint even play games, which is suitable for children between 3~8. More surprisingly, it comes with specially-developed game software which helps kids to accelerate their learning skills on colors, shape, math and thinking.

2: Heeha 700 Camera.

children's day-gift-10

If your child loves clicking pictures but you don’t want to see it happens on your expensive camera. Well, Heeha 700 would be a great choice. It shapes like a normal camera which can let users go on a clicking spree and record videos. The device also compacts with more than 30 games. It’s also designed for the age group around 3 to 9 years.

3: Tamagotchi

Bandai Co., Ltd first released Tamagotchi digital pets in Japan in the years of 1996. At the first year, an estimated 40 million units of the toy had been sold, through the data, we can guess how popular the Tamagotchi is!

The studies show it is common for children to become emotionally attached to toys and objects. Moreover, some critics believe Tamagotchi were meant to be marketed for teenage girls to teach them mothering skills, but the virtual reality pet ended up being overwhelmingly popular with kids of all ages!

4: Moon In My Room

children's day-gift-11

Now your child can see the moon without looking outside! Sleep within nice moon light. This authentic looking moon lights up and shows each moon phase in great realistic detail.

Just give your child the gift of solar appreciation this holiday!

5: EasyAcc Universal Magnetic Car Mount Holder

children's day-gift-13

Well, it’s not just a car mount holder. Imagine when your kid watches the carton through iPad tablet. The mount holder could be used on your studying desk, bathroom mirror or anywhere. It will not only keep your phone safely, but also protect your baby’s eye sight, as it can keep distance with the device’s screen.

children's day-gift-15

Do you have any creative ideas with the upcoming children’s day? Come on! Just leave your ideas below!  




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