Why do phones / tablets take so long to charge?

Why Phones and Tablets Charge Slowly

Not all charging environments are created equial, even though you’re using the same cable and plug into a USB port.

Here’re a few scenarios that will affect the amount of time it takes to charge your phones and tablets.

No. 1: Phones can take longer to charge when they’re not receiving the full amount of power to charge the normal range. This often happens when they’re plugged into a computer’s USB port. A computer’s USB port is only capable of charging in 0.5 amps, which is much less than your phone’s optimal charging rate. For example, if using a 0.5 amps charger to charge a phone that needs at least 1.8 amps, it’s going to take much longer.

Why Phones and Tablets Charge Slowly

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No. 2: When using a charger that may not be compatible with your device, for example, when you connect a Samsung phone to an Apple OEM charger, it will only charge in 0.5 amps. 

Why Phones and Tablets Charge Slowly

Tips & Tricks: Compatible charger or original charger? I would prefer to compatible charger and to find out a qualified compatible charger is always close at hand. 

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No. 3: Tablets have vastly larger battery, so even when charging at maximum rate, they still have larger battery compared to phone.

Why Phones and Tablets Charge Slowly

Tips & Tricks: How about a same Smart Charge technology but with a massive capacity of power bank? The answer is Monster Power Bank 20000mAh.

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No. 4: If you’re using a multi-port charger with shared circuity, a device may charge slower as another device is plugged into the other USB port. Because both ports are competing for the same sourse of power; on the other hand, chargers with split circuitry maintain that each port has a dedicated source of power offering it consistent charging experience for each port. 

Why Phones and Tablets Charge Slowly

Tips & Tricks: What if a charger has 3 ports and each port has a maximum output of 2.4 amps? Yeah, there’s no more considerations about which device to recharge firstly. There’s no charging competition betweeen these outputs. 



Why do phones / tablets take so long to charge?》有4个想法

  1. Probably because I’m not using the supplied charger with each device; just one that fits them all, from one of my phones.


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