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HTV Vive Reddit

HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Gear VR or even Facebook 360 VR, which are you interested in? Today I collected the latest news about the HTC Vive on reddit, so that you hear the real opinion about the HTC Vive and decide if you should buy this new toy?

Just because the Vive is a room scale VR system DOESN’T mean that seated games suck. Vive is awesome because we have options that other VR platforms don’t! Choice is RAD!” Do you have the same opinion as he?

Not only the best choice you could make for your HTC Vive, just like the best 10 games for HTC vive, you could follow us to get more info about the best VR- HTC VIVE:


HTV Vive Reddit


Have you ever tried one VR from Google Cardboard, Gear VR or the Oculus Rift? If so, you know what virtual reality has to offer. The HTC Vive bombards you with the most immersive virtual reality experiences you can get right now.

And some reviews can also show us how good this gadget is.

 HTV Vive Reddit

Basic Questions about the HTC Vive:


How does the motion tracking and optics compared to the Rift?

I haven’t used Touch, can’t attest to that.

The general consensus is Oculus has better slightly display/better optics. BUT, in my experience, you can only tell if you’re really looking hard. So realistically, they are identical.

What does the Consumer Edition come with?

The headset, wires for headset, base stations (2), controllers (2), optional sync cable for the base stations, controller charging cables, detachable headphones, mounting kits for the two base stations, HDMI cable.

Does the Vive use Asynchronous Time-Warping?

No. The Rift does, but the Vive uses a prediction model that would conflict with time-warp. Seemed like in that performance test they released, they are doing some realtime scene complexity adjustment to maintain the target framerate? I noticed bits of detail flickering on and off the whole time the test was running.

More info: Why the ‘asynchronous timewarp’ added to Oculus Rift matters

HTV Vive Reddit

How do I mount the base stations?

The consumer edition comes with wall mounts, though if you need something more advanced (clamps, etc) they use the standard 1/4″ 20 thread screw mount (the usual for tripods, etc) so you can get mounting arms to clamp them to things very easily.

Help my controller is bricked!

Don’t panic. /u/ThoriumT has pointed out a solution from the Steam Support pages:

Hold down the trigger, menu button, trackpad button, and grip buttons on the controller (everything except the system button).

While holding the buttons, plug your controller into your computer with a microUSB cord.

Wait for five seconds and release the buttons. Ignore the new storage device that appears and unplug the micro USB cord to reset.

Your controller should function normally now.

HTV Vive Reddit

Do I need a 15ft x 15ft area to use the Vive?

No. You can use the Vive in a seated position, standing position or scale it up to roomscale with a maximum place area size of 5m diagonally. For each game or experience however, it’s totally dependant on what the developer has implemented.

Do the basestations need to be plugged into the PC?

No, they just fire lasers for the headset to use. They need to be wirelessly connected to each other or use the provided sync cable. They do need to be plugged into the wall, but if you need to you can also use mobile phone battery packs.

Can I suspend the cables on the ceiling to avoid tripping?

General feedback is that the cable tripping hazard is not nearly as significant as you’d expect. Some devs have actually found it to be worse for presence as it tugs at your head when you move, while the trailing cable is dealt with mostly without thinking after a small while.

Can I run the basestations on battery power?

Some devs have done so, you need the correct wiring in order to power them but it certainly is possible.

I’m worried about walking into things/objects with the Vive on my head. What’s the solution there? 

Clear your play area and configure the roomscale systems properly and the Vive will handle the rest using the the Chaperone system to warn you if you’re about to go out of your play area. Recent updates that add the front-facing camera also allow you to see outlines of objects in the room if you turn on this feature.

How many Vives can operate in a single space? Do I need multiple sets of basestations? 

The lighthouse technology can support multiple Vives, we don’t know how many just yet though. But you only need one set of basestations as they just emit IR lasers for the headsets to pick up on. Roomscale may get a bit difficult with multiple headsets though, what with bumping into each other and all.




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