DIY Your Own Samsung Phone Cases: You’ll Want to Keep Forever and Ever

diy samsung phone cases

diy samsung phone cases

Samsung phone case has become more popular in the market, since the Samsung Smartphones became rapidly attached to our hands, amount of people needs a phone cases for better protection for their Smartphone or greater daily spirits, just for its beautiful color, cool pattern, and variable style both of them could make their daily life be more colorful! – Especially to girls.

Different girls have different taste of phone cases; some may like a pressed flower, a shiny crystal type or a cool skull pattern. But with all types of phone cases going around, you will realize how ridiculous to buy a phone case. Because the cases cost 18 dollars, 20 dollars even 50 dollars in supermarket. To be honest, making a phone cases is not difficult at all, why not DIY one?

diy samsung phone cases

DIY your own phone case is really a cool idea. Actually, making Custom Phone Cases is quickly becoming a growing business opportunity in US and even all around the world. Recent advancements in printing technology have made it possible to print fully custom phone case on the spot in 10 minutes or less.
You can choose different materials to make a custom phone case. Sewing one would be a good choice. Make one unique case that nobody else would ever have

Here I will show you how to make your favorite popular Samsung Phone Cases. It can be created on any types of Samsung Phone cases, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge or whatever.
Are you ready to start DIY it? Let’s go!


1: Acrylic Paint
diy samsung phone cases
1: Clear Samsung Galaxy 7 or Samsung Galaxy 7 edge case
2: Acrylic paint
3: Paint brush
4: Q-tip

Firstly, add a strip of tape to the inside of your clear phone case.
Secondly, take your acrylic paint, paint one color below the tape and one color above on the inside of the phone case (Pay attention: not the outside!)
diy samsung phone cases
Thirdly, let dry and paint one more coat so the paint is opaque.
Clean up the sides and ensure there is no paint on the outside of the case.

diy samsung phone cases

Once the paint is completely dry, take off the strip of tape.
All done!

diy samsung phone cases


2:Nail Polish
Face it, we all have the urge to change our phone cases like we change nail polish colors, so how about make a phone case through your nail polish? That’s sounds great!

diy samsung phone cases

1:   Clear Samsung Galaxy 7 or Samsung Galaxy 7 edge case
2:  Nail polish

Very simple, choose over 2 types of nail polish colors, paint equal-sized dots the size of a thumbtack on the phone case (you can paint different pattern in your favor).

diy samsung phone cases
Then, repeat until most of the phone is covered, and let dry!
So, that’s it!

Also, there is a video describe how to make an awesome blacklight reactive phone cases with water marble nail polish!

They look super cool! You can do this with any phone cases, hope you guys like it!


3: Wash Tape

1:  Clear Samsung Galaxy 7 or Samsung Galaxy 7 edge case
2: washi tape (at least 2 patterns)
3: cutting mat
4: X-acto knife

Starting at the bottom of your phone case, cover the outside with washi tape, alternating patterns.
When you’ve covered the entire case, either trim the edges with an X-acto knife or fold in the extra tape.

diy samsung phone cases
Carefully slice through the camera hole with an X-acto knife.

diy samsung phone cases

Bam! Washi tape, once again, FTW.



diy samsung phone cases

1:  Clear Samsung Galaxy 7 or Samsung Galaxy 7 edge case
2: case template (download here)
3: colored paper or card stock
4: school glue
5: clip art or illustrations (you can download ours here)
6: paintbrush
7: X-acto knife
8: cutting mat

Download your favorite phone cases templates and print the last page on colored paper or card stock.
Using your X-acto knife, cut out your template.

diy samsung phone cases
Cut out your printed pattern or clip art. Paint glue onto the back of these illustrations, then glue them to your template.

diy samsung phone cases
Once dry, fit the template into your phone case. That’s all!

diy samsung phone cases

Actually, a new company, just came out with a package offering a very easy to use Printer and everything you need to start your own custom phone case business quickly and affordably. You’re able to print any image you want onto a phone case in just a couple of minutes, which is pretty awesome. This option lets you make the custom phone cases yourself and gives you the opportunity to sell cases as a business seller.

diy samsung phone cases

Above all, have you got your favorite DIY technique we used? Do not hesitate anymore, DIY your Own phone cases is more interesting than you buy it! Or if you have greater DIY way, just share with us in the comments below!

DIY Your Own Samsung Phone Cases: You’ll Want to Keep Forever and Ever》有2个想法


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