Don’t buy USB Type-C smartphone before you read this

USB Type-C Smartphone

Universal Serial Bus, commonly known as USB, has been doing the job at connecting our gadgets with one another very well, for almost two decades. And recently, its latest enhancement, USB Type-C is finally here.

USB Type-C Cable


Advantages of USB Type-C 

Why USB Type-C is here? Or what benefits can we get from USB Type-C?


One is the fact that USB Type-C can allow you charge smartphone and laptop from the same cable.


Another, with USB Type-C adoption, is that, with the same port, you are able to charge laptop while plugging it into a monitor, or a keyboard, or mouse, or even for internet connectivity.


The third point is that USB Type-C is reversible, that is to say, it can go either way, no longer the situation cables can only be plugged in one way, like Apple’s Lightning cables. 

USB Type-C Smartphone


Disadvatages of USB Type-C

Well, we all value quality of life improvements. USB Type-C is here, why are there still many people who argue to upgrade to USB Type-C smartphone or something else? You should, however, keep in mind that USB Type-C is sometimes not what you think it is, or at least, you should think it through. 


USB Type-C


FIRSTLY, let’s go to USB Type-C fast charging. That, to some extent, is a misconception. That’s the matter of USB Type-C standard. What advantages above are the standards of USB Type-C. While, actually, it does not comply with OnePlus 2’s standard of USB Type-C.


Why? That’s it. Generally, USB Type-C is supposed to be using the USB 3.0 so that it could achieve faster charging as well as faster data transfer. However, many USB Type-C products on the market now do not adopt USB 3.0. And this is the PROBLEM. 


If you go for USB Type-C port on OnePlus 2, the specs vary from that used in Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Pixel C. Or, your OnePlus 2 Type-C cable will not well work with your Nexus 6P. 


Not to mention the fact that not all USB Type-C cables now available on Amazon are equal on spec compliant. A Google Engineer has said that USB Type-C cables must have a 56kΩ resistor, keeping your phone or tablet from overcharging or charging at dangerous levels. It’s not a rare to hear that a charging smartphone caught on fire while charged. 


So when looking for a USB Type-C chargers, cables, power banks and anything else, do remember to check the specs. If not, it would in turn harm your devices. 

USB Type-C Smartphone


SECONDLY, that’s about the USB Type-C status quo. As many companies, both accessory makers and smartphone makers, seemingly have not jumped onto the USB Type-C bandwagon yet. 


Many of us likely have micro USB accessories everywhere around the house and office, car chargers, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, etc. If you finally decide to replace all for USB Type-C, that surely costs you a lot. High Cost or Tech Trend, that’s on your choice. 


Anyway, USB Type-C adoption is terrific, and we can’t wait to see it more mature and more widely available. 


Welcome all you to share and comment below with your USB Type-C experiences or troubles ever met. 

USB Type-C Smartphone

Don’t buy USB Type-C smartphone before you read this》有23个想法

  1. FOr now I would stay with the regular, as this doesn’t have my compatability yet.

  2. I will stay with the USB I’m using now. When type c becomes universal I will consider a change.

    1. Yes, we all know that Type-c seems not universal now but you may have a try about quick charge 3.0 power bank that meets all charging demands of most devices. Please notice EasyAcc quick charge 3.0 power bank in May.

  3. It doesn’t look as if I could charge my laptop from this. Apple has a different one.

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