EasyAcc Power Bank 20,000mAh Review

Power Bank 20000mAh

For all your portable charging needs…  — Sami Mughal from OxGadgets Battery Pack has become an accessory that is a necessity for any one who does any amount of commuting or traveling.


Be it from work to home, or be it a day trip or a business trip.


We rely on our devices such as phones and tablets to keep us going, and a reliable battery pack is something that we definitely need.


It is not uncommon to see battery packs that are up to 10000mAh in size, but EasyAcc have a new beast on the market, and this one gives you 20800 mAh! Firstly, let’s have a general look at this charging monster!!!


  • Dimensions: 167 x 80 x 22mm
  • Output: Up to 4.8A out of 4 outputs
  • Input: Up to 4A into 2 inputs
  • Weight: 445gm
  • Smart technology can detect appropriate input of connected device
  • Up to 500 charge cycles
  • Built in protection prevents over charging, over current and short circuit



While taking a look at its overall size and dimension, has it reminded you of the good old fashioned Tetris games? Interestingly, though it’s at almost half a kilo, which is quite a heavy beast.


Moving on from weight though, it looks and feels good, and the orange trim with the black color works well. 


And from the perspective of its functionalities, the Monster power bank has 4 outputs, 2 inputs, a torch and LED battery indicator. While double clicking the ON button, the torch will be on; while singly clicking the same button, it will be off.


The torch is bright enough that at least is able to look into bags or just under items when you don’t have a toch handy.


With a 4.8A-output design, although it can’t really charge 4 iPads in one go, it’s competent for general use that it can easily charge up 4 different devices such as phones without bothering about it running out of juice. To be specific, it can charge tablets more than once, and most phones 4-6 times, letting you go through a day, or a few even!


For such a huge power capacity, how about its recharging? How long will it take for recharging fully? With an input up to 4A, only 6 hours for Monster resurgence. Enough rest for yourself, enough power supplement for Monster.


For more info on the Monster, please check, http://www.easyacc.com/644-easyacc-monster-20000mah-power-bank.html       




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