How long to charge power bank first time

20000mAh Power Bank

how long to charge power bank first time

Mostly, when we buy a phone, we would unconsciously ask that how long to charge the phone for the first time?

Likewise, when buy a power bank, we would ask ourselves the same question.

So, how long to charge power bank for the first time?

How Many Times Can a 20000mAh Power Bank Fully Charge Your Device

Same as the phone’s battery, the battery of power bank needs to be charged a bit longer before the first time using. 

Taking EasyAcc’s power banks for example, they are all made of Li-Ion battery. Nothing complicated, when charging the power bank, we could refer to the built-in LED indicators. 

Or EasyAcc 20000mAh Smart Power Bank, it has 4 LED indicators, thus each one is for 25% power on average. Is that full of charge when all 4 indicators are on?

When contacting with EasyAcc power bank product managers and engineers, it’s not that kind of situation.

Actually,  when 4 indicators are on, there’s only 95% power. Why?

Best power bank 20000mAh in German, EasyAcc


—— First and foremost, that’s because different battery cells have different capacities, even in the same power bank, which is from the point of product design. And it aims to fully take advantage of the battery, which, maybe, will remind you when starting the car, you should preheat it.

—— Then, to some extent, it’s for better charging experience. As larger capacity battery for longer charging time, thus the former indicator will take more time to light up; the latter one or the last one will cost less time. So you will find the power bank seems to be charged up faster and faster. 

Theoretically, most power banks will take 5% longer time for recharging up for the first time. But that actually does not matter. Free charging. Easy charging. 

Charge for the First Time

Surely, here is another factor, that is, the input. Normally, most power banks are allocated with one input in 1 amp. But if for 20000mAh power bank, it’s different. It will has two inputs and both of them are for 2 amps, enhancing the recharging speed up to 50%. 

All in all, that’s case by case. Whatever charging problems you’v met, comment below, and we offer your solutions. 

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Charge Power Bank for the First Time

How long to charge power bank first time》有93个想法

  1. Hi
    I have a power bank that is 20,000 mah.
    It has 2 inputs; one 1amp and the other 2.1amp.
    I tried charging my phone with it but it does very slowly like as i use my phone and charge it at the same time it slowly dies.
    Is it the power bank or the cable i’m using i dont know.
    It says something about 72 hours on the manual but its not very clear whats thats about.

  2. Charging my bavin 12000 mAh for the first time. It is almost 24 hours now since it was plugged but it is still on the second light indicator blinking. What could be wrong?

  3. I bought Intex 11000mah power bank, after full charging first time it gave only 4500mah of output, Is it normal considering first time use or should i return?
    Will Its output be improved after using some days? It’s getting full charge in 6 hours.

  4. I put my power bank on charge for the first time but after 5 hours i saw all the lights blue like its fully charged i took it off and press small botton the light turn on than all the lights off and i cant turn it on now


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