Battery Case or External Battery?


What is Battery Case? Battery  Case is also called “external battery”, “Back battery”, “Digital charging Companion.” It is not only a mobile power, as well as a protective cover. In protecting the cell phone is also capable of providing adequate power, very convenient and practical. Mobile phone partners is not to be missed. More About Battery Case At:


What is Power bank? Power bank also called “mobile battery”, “external battery”, “spare battery”, and “charging stick”. It also has a very personal name: “mobile phone lover”. “Power bank” concept has been developed along with the rapid growth and popularization of digital products, and its definition is: portable power supply which is easy to carry with large capacity. More About Power Bank At:

It is not good when you are out all day, need to use GPS with all the other apps and do not have the power by hand to charge the smartphone or other smart devices. Would you recommend to get a battery case or an external battery? Which one is better? And which model would you recommend? Here i collect some Pros and Cons for “Battery Case and External Battery”.


Some Pros (+) and Cons (-)…….

Battery Case:
+ No wires necessary to recharge
+ smaller size to carry around
+ less expensive
– can only be used for your phone
– requires rebooting your phone

>>>Provide yours……


External Battery:
+ can power multiple devices
+ more power than a standard size battery
+ no rebooting necessary
– requires a wire to charge the device
– larger size for carrying
– more expensive

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>>>Topics: Battery Case and External Battery, Please Make a comment and Tell me which one your prefer? Why? 


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84 thoughts on “Battery Case or External Battery?

  1. I would prefer the external battery. The first two ‘+’ points are big plus points for me (power multiple devices and having more power). The larger size wouldn’t bother me nor would requiring a wire to charge.


  2. Obviously the battery pack is way more preferable than cases because it’s multi-usuable, however here’s my views
    Pros and cons of that should be added (and which other commenter didn’t mention)
    Battery Cases;
    + they might protect phones from fall and damage
    + cases however might add some added functionality (like some Kickstarter has added Gamepad controller on the cases)


  3. I believe the external power would be best for me as it is more versatile. The phone case is a good idea, with no wires and protection, but only works on one phone.


  4. Honestly I’d take either. I go through my battery like no bodies business. I have to charge my phone a minimum of twice a day and that’s on a slow day.


  5. External battery – I have my phone in a leather case to protect the face, but the battery case is a brilliant idea, just not for me with this phone.


  6. If you are single and have only one device that the case happens to fit…then the case.

    The other 99% should be like me, and think the external battery is best


  7. I like both, but prefer external, especially larger batteries, because they can be used camping in various ways like USB lighting, heat, phone power, power z speaker, etc. Love to win it.


  8. I prefer external power bank, I put the smartphone in their pockets and greater thickness would be annoying. I prefer to attack you just when I need it


  9. I prefer an external extra battery, at least it can be used with all phones, the case is phone related and because of that a little bit limited


  10. I prefer external battery if small, otherwise I prefer battery cases despite being available only for the current phone we’re using 🙂


  11. I definitely like the most external batteries because we can carry them around anywhere and charge every device we want with them 😀


  12. I really like external battery because their portability and diversity of use is a lot more useful than having a battery case =)


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