What is Battery Case?

Battery Case is also called “external battery“, “Back battery”, “back power”, “digital charging companion”. It is not only a mobile power, as well as a protective cover. Currently there are many on the market are designed around a mobile phone brands model. Manufacturers generally mainstream mobile matching back clip battery will be introduced.


What is Battery Case?

Battery  Case is also called “external battery”, “Back battery”, “digital charging Companion.” It is not only a mobile power, as well as a protective cover. In protecting the cell phone is also capable of providing adequate power, very convenient and practical. Mobile phone partners is not to be missed.


What is  the feature of Battery Case?

Two characteristics: mobility, protection, high power durable. Size small, truly portable. Large capacity battery, storage of digital products more durable. Careful circuit design. Storage, power supply and data transmission three-in-one a line through a socket, and realization of charge and discharge, synchronized transmission.


How to use Battery Case?

Battery  Case usually design lightweight, compact, easy to carry, easy mobile use. Charger to the back clip battery a full charge, plug in your iPhone to charge a mobile phone battery life, charging at any time, while also protecting your cell phone safe from harm, two birds with one stone, Big Apple powder, no longer worry about a cell phone battery problems.


How to Maintain  Battery Case?

1, please keep the product dry. Rain, moisture, and various liquids or moisture will corrode electronic components and circuits.
2, do not put the product is stored at high temperatures. High temperatures will reduce electronic device life span, damaged battery and some plastic aging.
3, please do not throw, percussion, rough use can damage the internal circuit boards and fine mechanics.
4, please do not open without permission.



What is Power Bank?

Introductions about External Battery

Difference Between Original Battery and Mobile Power Bank



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