Best 18650 Battery

What is the best 18650 battery?

The best battery depends on your application. A high capacity rating is good for long duration applications like in electric vehicles and flashlights. On the other hand, a high discharge rating is good for high power applications like in vaporizers and power-tools.

Sometimes the size of your batteries are important when building a pack or fitting them inside of a device. Weight is a good way to quickly check whether your batteries are authentic. Chemistry will tell you how safe the battery is, and what kind of protection circuitry you will need if any. Panasonic is the market leader, but Samsung, Sony, and LG all produce very high-quality cells.

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What is the best battery for vapes and mods?

In our expert opinion the best battery for vapes and mods is the Samsung 25R. It has a great balance of capacity (2500 mAh) and power (20A max. continuous discharge). It has a proven track record and is considered safe to use in high pulse applications.


Are any 18650 batteries rated higher than 30A?

No. The highest continuous discharge rating for any 18650 battery is 30A. Some companies claim higher ratings like 40A or 60A. These are however based purely on pulse discharge ratings or fabricated out of thin air.

Also note that pulse ratings are completely meaningless without noting their duration. The Samsung 25R for example has the following pulse specifications when written correctly: The 25R can safely be discharged at a continuous 20A (amps). Pulse discharge levels are [95A – .5 sec, 65A – 1 sec, 40A – 5 sec, 30A – 6 sec].

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Want to know what the best brand, longest charge, most reliable, and where to get them. Help me please! Looking to get a iTaste TVR, and I want a GREAT pair of batteries to keep this tank of a PV running strong.



You need some mod battery education: Battery Basics for Mods: IMR or Protected?

You want either a good name-brand IMR or hybrid battery, not a protected li-ion battery. Do not judge the quality of a battery solely on the mAh capacity, that specification is often over-rated by many manufacturers. High drain amp ability is important for a regulated mod (IMR = high drain – safe chemistry – unprotected).

Avoid any battery with the name FIRE in it, these are a second class battery in terms of quality. Never use an unprotected NCR/ICR li-ion battery in a mod. Never use a generic battery: these are unknown batteries made by an unknown manufacturer and of unknown quality.

You can’t go wrong with AW IMR batteries. The Panasonic & Orbtronic hybrids are also a good choice, although the 3400 mAh Panny should only be used for mechanical mods with only clearomizers or cartomizers due to its 6.8 amp limit.

18650 2000mah 10Amp CDR
18650 1600mah 24A

18650 1500mah ​20A

Panasonic ​or Orbtronic hybrid
CGR18650CH (IMR/hybrid) 2250mAh 10A
NCR18650PD (LiNiCoAl) 2900mAh 10A
Orbtronic 18650 SX22 (hybrid) 2000mAh 22A

Samsung hybrid (LiNiCoMnP)
INR18650-22P 2200mAh 10A
INR18650-20R 2000mah 22A

us18650v3 IMR 2250mAh 10A
us18650vct3 (hybrid) 1600mAh 30A

Efest IMR
18650 (IMR/hybrid) 2250mAh 10A
18650 2000mAh 10A
18650 1600mAh 30A

AW IMR 18490 (1100mah) 8.8A

AW IMR 18350 ​(700mah) 6A

Tips: More about 18650 battery please visit:


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