Prizefight: Battle of Design and Sound Quality – EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker DP100 vs. DP200

A detailed analysis and comparison between EasyAcc DP100 and DP200 Bluetooth speaker.

EasyACC-DP200 1


Black or silver, clear or deep sound, high power or long battery life, Bluetooth speakers can work with nearly any device including all smartphones and tablets. Ranked top on Amazon best sellers, EasyAcc DP100 Bluetooth speaker won thousands of people’s heart by its cool appearance and powerful sound. However, the new released DP200 announces a fight with its predecessor. See details below.


DP100 vs. DP200: DESIGN

                                EasyAcc-DP100-1 EasyAcc-DP200-1

As for the first sight on these two speakers, we can easily see the difference. While DP100 is painted black, DP200 is designed to be white and silver, which makes the whole look simpler. At least 80 percent of the two speakers have the matte black or silver grill going around it. EasyAcc isn’t shy about showing off the matte grill and there’s nothing wrong with that – especially if it works well with the design.

                                      EasyAcc-DP100-2 EasyAcc-DP200-2

On the top of the speakers we have some control buttons – 3 on the black one (play/pause/volume) and only one play/pause button which doubles as an answer call key as the speaker supports hands-free calling. Buttons stay black on DP100 while all these controls are surrounded by a nice looking blue LED light ring on DP200.

                                EasyAcc-DP100-3 EasyAcc-DP200-3


The back is just a solid Black/white strip, but has the controls at the bottom along with the AUX port, and the micro USB charger. The central button of DP100 is responsible for turning on/off the speaker while there is a slider which is used to control the volume and skip to the past or the next song.



                             EasyAcc-DP100-4 EasyAcc-DP200-4

When it comes to sound quality, the first thing that will blow you away is the fact that both the two speakers have very loud and clear sound. And both of them adopt horizontal speaker orientation. Together with the steel grid around the main body, the omni-directional sound effect is therefore made. Besides, different form DP100’s single 4W speaker, DP200 uses double 5W speaker, which enables a much more deep and loud music. However, louder sound means more power consumption. 2200 mAh battery as DP100 has, it is possible to play music up to 20 hours. But DP200 is only able to get around half a day’s worth as its battery is only 1050 mAh.

EasyAcc-DP200 -DP100-2



       To sum up, apart from the obvious differences in appearance, EasyAcc DP100 and DP200 both are very compact and have great built quality. For the different number of speakers and power, DP200 is unquestionably provides amazing sound and great volume output. Its battery life is shorter on the other hand. If you would like a non-stop music along your journey, DP100 is your best choice while you would better choose DP200 if you enjoys louder and deeper sound.

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