Giveaway: Free EasyAcc All-Weather 9,000mAh Power Bank And 2.4A Dual-Port Travel Charger

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EasyAcc All-Weather Outdoor 9,000mAh Power Bank  >>>see more details Waterproof iPhones? Waterproof EasyAcc 9,000mAh Power Bank

— A tough body with Ingress Protection Rating of IP67 for waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

— Built-in compass and LED flashlight for outdoor emergencies.

— Portable Size in Fine Workmanship provides you the greatest comfort, feel and portability, truly realizing Charging On the Go for you.


EasyAcc 2.4A Dual-Port Travel Charger

— Smart Charge that intelligently detects the devices connected and delivers the perfect amount of power.

— Dual Outputs features an industry high 24 watts/ 4.8 amps, allowing you to charge two phones or even two tablets simultaneously at fastest possible speed.

— Travel Size that easily slips to any bags or even pocket. Once grab. Once Go. 


Bonus Tip: if you wanna win the prize, DO NOT  forget to comment below on the question: “If You Win the Prizes, Where Will You Go?” plus Share to your social media!!! #ChargingOnTheGo 

Charging On the Go: EasyAcc 9,000mAh Power Bank plus 2.4A Dual-Port Travel Charger Giveaway


Sorry for the delay for I have just finished a long holiday. Here is the lucky dog, Jan Hirschler. Thank you all guys for taking part in this competition. Wish you good luck in another giveaway that will end in two days later. Come on guys!

390 thoughts on “Giveaway: Free EasyAcc All-Weather 9,000mAh Power Bank And 2.4A Dual-Port Travel Charger

  1. Last Sunday I was on hiking trip along which was more than 17 km long , this Sunday I am going to Srebrenica apparently there is something like an organized walk, hope it is long. I am trying every weekend to go somewhere to walk or hike, love these organized hikes because there is so much people you can met. But when there is nothing over weekend then I and my friend go to nearby mountain and try to climb it asap. Would love if we had some Power Bank because come on, we love our phones but listening to music or taking pictures drains the battery so we need extra power.


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