Design remains a fundamental and essential element of any objects. Some objects are designed to be useful and others to be elegant. Here are the most cleverly designed objects in 2015.
1. Tritensel

Yes this “sporf” consists of spoon, scoop and knife. The absolute simple form contains a handful of carefully considered choices. Map project designed the plastic utensil for the famous local department store to be asymmetrical with the head bend at around 40 degrees so that people are able to use their index finger to stabilize the Tritensil as they’re cutting and protect their digits from the serrated edge.


2. EasyAcc

This EasyAcc super compact desktop charger is a combination of charger and stand. The charging dock with dual stand and smart USB ports allows you to charge multiple devices including your iPhone 6s and iPad from one power supply as well as have handy stands for your devices to sit on while they are being charged. In this way, your hands are free from holding the devices and are able to do other things at the same time as you want. The smart charging ports automatically identify the devices connected and therefore charge them at full speed which is as fast as the original power adapter. And now, the charging gadget is hot in giveaway.


3. Pebble Time

Apple published its smart watch this year. However, it was Pebble that leads this game of smart watch and gave the Big Idea of it: apart from all other functions, the core of smart watch should be time. Rather than build an interface around apps (as Apple did), the Pebble team created a UI that revolves around a timeline. It’s controlled via three new buttons on the right side of the bezel: one to view the recent past, one to see the present, and one to scroll forward, to preview what’s next.


4. This Book is a Camera

This is a book, but this also can be a pinhole camera which shows a crash course in optics and the behavior of light once you open the book. A photo is essentially an imprint of light, but most of us forget about it and instead we think that our phones and digital cameras conceal the relationship between light and the images we see on the screen. Anderson’s book-slash-pinhole camera re-teaches you about the magic of light, in mere minutes.


5. Net Zero Table

The Net Zero Table is like an air conditioner in furniture form. When a room heats up to 71 degrees, the phase-changing waxy material that’s sandwiched between corrugated aluminum softens and absorbs the excess heat. When the room cools, it re-releases that heat, warming the room back up without using a lick of electricity.


6. 2016 Olympic Torch

The design of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio is an example of showing homage to a country in the form of an object. Designed by Brazilian studio Chelles & Hayashi, the torch expands when handed off, revealing five metallic ribbons of color that reflect the country’s natural wonders. Although this torch is not as subtle as the torch of 2012 Olympic Games, it greatly shows how an object can reflect a country’s dynamic culture.


7. Nendo’s Minim+Aid kit

Gathering and cramming all survival’s needs in emergency inside a small tube is not a small feat, but Nendo made it. This tube, 5 cm in diameter, packs a whistle, radio, poncho, lantern, and pouch of water and s space to put what the users’ needs. The tube can be hanged on the shoulder in emergencies. In the process, the Japanese design studio made what we consider to be the sleekest and fanciest survival kit known to man.


8. Polaroid Snap

Unlike its predecessors, this Polaroid doesn’t use ink cartridges. Instead, it uses inkless printing tech developed by a company called Zink. That means that also, unlike other instant cameras, this one is small enough to fit in your pocket, just like your phone. What do you think is the best design among the above 8 recommendations? Or if you have cleverer choices please comment below and let us know. Maybe your choice will gain more attention and support.

Tips: If you have something to add to this article please share and make a comments.

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