EasyAcc 26,000mAh Smart Power Bank can power your 12-inch Macbook anywhere

The new USB-C port on Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook (review) is both a gift and a curse. If you frequently connect legacy USB peripherals to your notebook, then you’ll have to deal with using an adapter between your old gear and your new laptop each time (and should possibly consider another machine for now). The move from Apple’s proprietary MagSafe 2 connection to the new industry standard USB Type C port for charging, however, opens up the door to third-party power adapters and portable battery packs. But when we google on internet that there’re so many voices that Is it possible to charge MacBook from a power bank? During my initial MacBook evaluation, I verified this possiblity with EasyAcc’s Monster 26,000mAh Smart Power Bank. It is a giant battery that offers even more juice for your iPhone, iPad, or 12-inch MacBook with an ergonomical design, a flashlight and an LED status indicator…3 As its name suggests, EasyAcc’s Monster Power Bank manages to pull off a thin profile compared with other competitors in similar capacities. Even with its slim package, Power Bank is still a very big battery — its dimensions similar to that of an iPad mini — measuring in at 167mm x 80mm x 22mm. The photo above compares the Power Bank footprint relative to the iPhone 6, iPad Air, and 12-inch MacBook. Monster is also a rather heavy battery pack weighing in at about a pound. Its PC+ABS feels premium and doesn’t attract fingerprints. Packing in almost four times the capacity as the new MacBook’s built-in battery, Power Bank is subtle on presenting any branding: a tactile ‘EasyAcc’ logo tops the upper side of the battery pack while informational markings appear on the back side. You’ll also find markings noting Power Bank’s 26,000mAh capacity and PB26000MS model number as well as input and output specifications for charging.1 Markings beneath the Power Bank indicate the LED power display location, the two Micro USB ports location for charging the battery pack and its Smart power USB ports out location, that could intelligently detect the deives connected and output the current at fastest possible fastest. Whichever Smart output port is enough to charge any iPhone, iPad, or iPod even during heavy use, but as mentioned, Power Bank-category chargers are not optimized for charging something as power thirsty as even the low-power 12-inch MacBook during use. Power Bank’s ability to charge the MacBook will depend on how much energy the notebook is consuming.

  • Under very heavy use, Power Bank will juice your MacBook but expect to see battery continue to drop, just slower than usual
  • Under light to moderate use, Power Bank will maintain battery percentage or slowly raise battery percentage over several hours
  • Power Bank will charge an inactive/sleeping or powered off MacBook

Important to note: Most power Bank is not quick to charge itself that ships with a short Micro USB cable for charging; in most cases, you supply the power brick. While for Monster, it’s allocated with two Micro USB input ports for 4Amp power recharging, or spanning roughly only 8 hours to complete a 100% charge after being fully depleted. Recharge it an adult sleeping time and next morning venture away from home a couple additional hours to spare.IMG_2649 You will likely need to pick up a new cable to connect Power Bank to MacBook’s USB-C port. Using a USB-C to USB-A cable is the easiest (and most direct) solution. Apple does not yet offer this cable, but Amazon will help you out; Alternatively, you can use Apple’s USB-C to USB Adapter ($19) paired with a USB-A to USB-A cable for connecting Power Bank with the 12-inch MacBook — a more costly and inconvenient option unless you already have the supplies laying around for other purposes. As an iPhone and iPad portable charger, Power Bank is a large but high capacity option with standout features like its LED indicator and flashlight. As a solution for powering the 12-inch MacBook, Power Bank can charge a resting notebook or help keep your very active machine alive in a pinch, even for frequent heavy usage. Power Now? Go: http://www.easyacc.com/670-easyacc-monster-26000mah-power-bank.html  


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