How to Stop Sleeping with Your Phone

20141225175906 With the enhancement of smartphones’ functions, phones have become an essential for every aspect of our daily life. No matter where we are, it is a must-be along with us. Even we are going to sleep. However, in fact, that is an unhealthy habit that many people spend each nigh sleeping with their phones. You all should stop. 1Why? Well for starters, when you are lying in the bed and turn on the phone, the blue light your phone’s screen gives off can keep your bran awake and affect the quality of sleep. Besides, along with the angles of you viewing your phone’s screen, the phone’s light will also affect your eyesight. Next, we’ve concerned about the cell phone radiation, although there is no definitive, conclusive answer of whether the radiation cell phones and smartphones emit can or will give you cancer or any other ailment or not. But some research suggests that cell phone radiation can interfere with your sleep, which makes the argument for keeping your phone farther away your nightstand for a more restful night’s sleep. Likely, most of us don’t need to keep our phones on our nightstands or under our pillows at night. However, most of you could blurt out the reason that you must have your phone within arm’s reach at all times, even during slumber. Generally, there are common reasons for most people to keep the phone close. To get rid of those bad habits, we could render the solution one by one based on the so-called reasons. 3Like many people, I haven’t used an alarm clock on my bedside table for years, ever since I got a cell phone. There, we come to the first reason that you use your phone as an alarm. Of course, we can’t deny that using phone as an alarm to wake up in the morning is a better way. So in this point, how we should do to change our bad habits? The simplest way is just to move your phone away from your bed to a dresser or other surface, within the distance it is less likely to use your phone right before going to sleep and helps cut down on exposure to radiation. In addition, when the phone alarms in the morning, you are also forced to get out of bed to shut off, ensuring you won’t just keep tapping snooze and sleep longer than you intended. More reasons? Yes. The top reason according to the research is that people don’t want to be out of reach in case of a late-night emergency. However, you can keep your phone at a healthy distance and still get important calls and messages. How? DO NOT DISTURB mode is the answer, which has been available on iOS, Androids and Windows Phones. When turning on the mode, it means turning off all notifications from emails, texts and incoming calls, except from a few important contacts than you’ve scheduled. Nowadays, more and more people are listening to an audiobook, music or radio via headphones before going to sleep. However, wearing headphones for longer time is bad enough for your ears. Besides, it would disturb your sleeping without turn off the listening while you are nodding off. Referring to this point, the easiest option is to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and connect to a speaker. In this way, you could rest your phone at a healthy distance on the one hand; on the other hand, you could enjoy the audio while protecting your ears. Moreover, you could set an exact timing for auto close. 32There are many Bluetooth speakers to choose from, for example, EasyAcc super Bass speaker. Compared with other speakers with the same specifications, it allows a playtime up to 30 hours, letting you say goodbye to those battery worries. Meanwhile, integrated with the super Bass technology, it offers you crisp, clean sound with deep, resonant and amazing audio feast. Then, designed with the Bluetooth 3.0 that has a range of 10 meters (33 feet), you can move your phone father away or even to an adjacent room and still get your tunes. And hot news is that the Cube is 25% off with the code TG8801TG available in U.S. U.K. and Germany. Or you could visit: While enjoying the tech enhancement, we also should take advantage of tech on the contrary to protect ourselves. And from now on, Stop Using Phones while Going to Sleep is an important step to enjoy and protect ourselves at the same time.

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