where you are, where we are


At the moment celebrating the EasyAcc anniversary and the launching of EasyBlog and Twitter, we are such grateful to all the Fans all over the world. In the past days, we join together and share the every moment of life.

Sometimes, maybe you are enjoying the get-together with family;  QQ图片20140805114933

Sometimes, maybe you are chatting with  friends;

Sometimes, maybe you are dining with colleagues outdoors;

Sometimes, maybe you are hiking in some forest;

Sometimes, maybe you are taking bicycle;

Sometimes, maybe you are concentrating with your work;

Sometimes, maybe you are just talking to someone through the phone.

No matter what you are engaging in and where you are, we are still with you and involved in what you are doing.

IMG_9939-2With us, just making your life simple and easier.

With us, powering your life where you are, no worry about your devices or your companion’s gadgets running off, just making you being popular at once.

With us, serving for you at every detail, no worry about the suitable plug for your devices, just making your color life full of juice all the day.

With us, releasing your extra burden, no worry about the annoy long wire twining around or heavy power bank in the hand, just making you power-on on the go.

With us, letting you not be a wallhugger again, no worry about finding charging ports wherever you are, just making you enjoy all the beauty along the route.

With us, getting back to the startpoint, no worry about your work desk or charging wall in a mess, just making you charging in one port and coming back to the clean and tidy condition.

EasyAcc, just fitting in your life everywhere and at any time.

Join in our Easy Family, Share your Easy Stories, Start your Easy Life.





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