Revving Up Your Summer with EasyAcc


Hoo~ It’s the summer time once again and let’s bravo together. In this season, we are vigorous. In this season, we are sexy and cool. In this season, we release our passion. And in this season, we embrace the nature to the full.

Sometimes, we’ll go to the sunny beach and enjoy the sunbath with love girlfriends. Sometimes, we’ll take out the bicycles and pack up our bags for mountain bike ride, hiking and climbing. Sometimes, we’ll rush to the ocean and enjoy the diving, swimming, windsurfing and motor speedboat. Sometimes, we’ll take out tent and have a brave jungle tour or just family camping. There are lots of ways to taste and experience the Summer. What an impressive and unforgettable season.4-nwf-backyard-campout-lg

As well, it’s the summer anniversary for EasyAcc. In this season and great thanks to 30,000 fans in EasyAcc’s Facebook at the same time, here we collect and recommend four types of products for better-enjoyment of summer outdoor activities.

The first one is water-, dust- and shock-proof 9,000mAh powerbank allocated with compass and LED flashlight. I believe it is the ideal choice for hiking-, climbing- and jungle tour lovers; Just hang it in your bags and belts with no worry about where to put it and whether it would be broken or not, even you drop it into water accidentally while passing by the brooks or some water areas. Meanwhile, the high capacity of the Blue one, you can trust it totally with longer energy supplements. Just move ahead your exploration and continue your self-challenge.

Then, the green mono-crystalline Solar charger comes to your choice. Maybe it looks simple, fragile and small, but in fact, its energy potential would be greater beyond your estimation and imagination. Where there is solar, there is infinite energy. You can just put it on the sand, on the grassland, on the rock or on your backpack with sunshine, you can charge you devices with full juice and enjoy the summer as you wish.


With EasyAcc, you can get more than what you want.

Here comes to the mini music player. Designed with S-Bass audio and Bluetooth function, you can enjoy the favorite songs in super audio effect and answering the calls simultaneously through the Bluetooth. Potable Music World, more happiness, more laughter, more closeness and more than what you imagine.

At last, especially for those loners, who like personal tour or something alone. With this wireless stereo headset, just take it, apart from the outside and concentrate on yourself. Release and relax yourself from what flows out from the headset and continue your journey.

When coming to the last, what do you think? How will you plan your summer? Will you get some easy but practical product along with your summer?

Of course, corresponding links would be attached below; Click it, choose your country and You’ll find great Offers.

Wish you nice summer memory and expect you summer stories shared with us through email.

3-Proof 9,000mAh Powerbank

Green Solar Charger Panel

Mini S-Bass Audio Player

Bluetooth Stereo Headset


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    1. Thank you Lisa for liking our Blog and wish you will get something helpful for your nice trips. Also you can share your wonderful trips with us.May you a unforgettable trip.


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