Neverending Celebration of Life

EasyAcc’s biggest #celebration of all time is coming to the end

July 3th is a very important date for EasyAcc because this day last year we official launched our Facebook page and one year after, today, we are on the way of getting 30,000 fans there who enjoy EasyAcc’s products in their daily life. At the end of June I was like wow it’s nearly one year since we operated Facebook page and I was thinking about I really should do something in July just to celebrate this special moment and to give thanks for all the fans there who have been with us along the way. And that was where the idea of 1 year Anniversary Celerbration came from which was really happening during the whole July.

I immediately started making a celebration video with all the special moments of Facebook and the fans from the first day till June this year. If you would like to check it now please go to but to be fair I am not a video making expert and it was just a small gift for our beloved fans before we send out big fat real gifts afterwards. Hundreds of freebies have been offered including Bluetooth Audio Speaker, new released Power Bank, USB 3.0 Charger and Hubs, phone screen protectors etc around the world. Thousands of product being sold with celebration codes only for July at great discount. And what’s more, many lucky fans have been chosen to get the special awards for taking part in our Anniversary Celebration and I also got some fans messaging me and telling me how great they thought the celerbration was how they enjoyed the products at lovely price. Take a last look at the biggest celebration of EasyAcc of all time before it is really going with the end of July.

That is what’s important to me knowing that our fans are genuinely happy and truly enjoying what we can offer. And that’s why we are always here for them making it easier to enjoy the electronic life. Of course I am feeling a little bit down because the celerbration July is over in a few days, well I just need to say that the celebration of life is neverending. We will celebrate every time a new customer buy our product, every time we receive a message from our fans, every time we make your life little bit easier.

And lastly, don’t tell anyone that we are giving away our newly launched Bluetooth Audio Speaker as another celerbration here:


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