Combo Apps reviews our Power Banks


Overall EasyAcc makes a very sound product and I highly recommend them for your mobile photographic needs.

10315621584_e7f1fbe0b6_zToday I’m going to be talking about power banks external batteries. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m writing about external batteries. Well there have been times where I’ve been out to obscure locations, like the desert to shoot mobile photos. Sometimes the Phone battery case isn’t enough and you don’t always have an access to a plug to plug in your device. You can get one of those cigarette light plugs but in order for you to charge your device, your car has to be running. You can’t just leave the car running with your device plugged and go off shooting pictures either.

Simple solution is having one of these power banks on hand when you’re out in the middle of no where. EasyAcc have provided me with two of their power bank external batteries to test out and write a review about their products. I know there’s a lot of these vlog and blog reviews out there but you all know I’m all about details and posting my honest opinions. The photo on top is EasyAcc 5000 mAh power bank battery.

Full review is available here:


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