Walk into Tesla’s Model S Autopilot System

The Autopilot system is comprised of several different subsystems that include Autosteer, Auto Lane Change, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, Side Collision Warning and Autopark.   The Autopilot suite of features will be available to Model S cars built after September 2014 — essentially, any Tesla with the appropriate sensors. Existing owners who already purchased the $2,500Continue reading “Walk into Tesla’s Model S Autopilot System”

What makes Tesla’s batteries so great?

Even casual followers of the auto industry know that the Tesla Model S offers more than double the range of any other electric vehicle on the market. How has Tesla achieved this? The answer lies in their fundamental battery strategy.   TESLA 18650 battery drive test     Tesla Motors is the first automaker toContinue reading “What makes Tesla’s batteries so great?”

What makes Tesla so Successful ?

Tesla Motors  has had an extraordinary run in recent years, but Silicon Valley legend Peter Thiel believes that the secret to Tesla’s success lies in its know-how, its charismatic co-founder and a little bit of luck.     Thiel, who helped build PayPal along with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, recently published a book, Zero ToContinue reading “What makes Tesla so Successful ?”