How To Choose Battery Case Instead Of Apple’s “Hump”

Even though Tim Cook says that it’s “nice to have”, but you can find that more people call it “Hump”. Apple just released the first Smart Battery Case for iPhone with 1877mAh capacity, which is really a good news for iPhone 6 with 1,810mAh capacity and iPhone 6S with only 1,715mAh capacity. Even though TimContinue reading “How To Choose Battery Case Instead Of Apple’s “Hump””

How To Match Emoji With Your Battery Percentage?

Our mood depends on our phone’s battery percentage? It’s interesting that people use their phones for talking, texting, gaming, chatting and sharing pictures with friends and strangers all around the world all the time. Sometimes people will be in panic when their phone’s batteries are low. It seems that our mood depends on our phone’sContinue reading “How To Match Emoji With Your Battery Percentage?”

How To Choose Best Power Bank With Smart Technology?

Sometimes we don’t know that how much the smartphones changed our life, although a lot of people claimed that smartphones kidnapped their life, so that they didn’t use smartphone over one year and their life got better. But actually is that true? Just like the famous quote:” Instead of wondering when your next vacation is,Continue reading “How To Choose Best Power Bank With Smart Technology?”

What’s disadvantage of GoPro except for expensive price?

GoPro is such a great revolutionary product, which may remind you of the first iPhone or iPad. When inserting “why GoPro is so” in google, the first sentence google thinks is “why GoPro is so expensive”. But do you know what’s disadvantage of GoPro except for expensive price? Millions of people have used GoPro’s wearableContinue reading “What’s disadvantage of GoPro except for expensive price?”

How To Charge Your iPhone Faster

With an almost impossibly thin design, stunning display, and more processing power than NASA had when we landed on the moon, today’s iPhone is a technological wonder. The only not-so-stellar feature of the iPhone is the battery life. With these quick charges, every minute matters. So why not make the most of that time andContinue reading “How To Charge Your iPhone Faster”

Quest for Power: How to Keep Your Phone And Laptop Charged When You Travel

While wandering around your memories, have you still got the 1980s gruntcore movie “Quest for Fire” that the cavepeople roam around a prehistoric landscape in search of, obviously, fire. But at the moment, flame is a casual flick away. People are keeping an eye on their electronic devices working throughout the journey from a beachContinue reading “Quest for Power: How to Keep Your Phone And Laptop Charged When You Travel”

How to Stop Sleeping with Your Phone

With the enhancement of smartphones’ functions, phones have become an essential for every aspect of our daily life. No matter where we are, it is a must-be along with us. Even we are going to sleep. However, in fact, that is an unhealthy habit that many people spend each nigh sleeping with their phones. YouContinue reading “How to Stop Sleeping with Your Phone”

Tips to Help Cellphones Live in Bitter Cold

  Christmas is just around the corner. Have you already prepared the gifts for your beloved family and friends? EasyAcc “12 Days. 25% Off“ till Xmas has been in full swing NOW!!! Come to visit and Pick the Tech gifts at LOWER PRICE before they’ve gone. Along with the surprise gifts in Christmas season, thereContinue reading “Tips to Help Cellphones Live in Bitter Cold”

Why not let your power outage go?

What’s #smashing today? Have you decked your halls with pumpkins? Have your costumes been prepared for horror night? Have you prepared candies for coming trick-or-treat? Welcome to Halloween Horror Night!!! Now let’s get the point. Whether you’re backpacking, traveling, experiencing a power outage or just commuting, a battery pack is crucial for keeping your device recharged andContinue reading “Why not let your power outage go?”

Don’t want a bending iPhone6? We can help.

What’s #Smashing today? Well the smashing news of the day is lots and lots people finding out their new iPhone6 is getting bent in the trouser pocket. And overwhelming tests and reports afterwards show that the new iPhone6 is quite “bendable” due to it’s super thin aluminum body. So in addition to it’s fragile screen whichContinue reading “Don’t want a bending iPhone6? We can help.”