Which Samsung phone is highly recommended?

Being among the top three sales in the world is enough to prove the strength of Samsung mobile phones. In fact, Samsung does have many unique advantages. The first is the screen, which is at the top level in the world. Many mobile phone manufacturers still use Samsung’s screens.

In addition, Samsung also has unique advantages in self-research. It can not only self-develop and produce chips, but also produce batteries, motherboards, sensors and other components, which shows a relatively complete ecological chain.

Samsung mobile phones have released many models, but since the success of the Galaxy series, their mobile phones have basically been based on the Galaxy series, including the Galaxy A series, S series, and Z series, followed by the Samsung W series. Among them, the Galaxy A series is positioned at the low-end, with a price of around 2,000 RMB, aimed at students or young consumers. The Galaxy S series is positioned as a trendy high-end flagship, with a price of more than 4,000 RMB. The Galaxy Z series is a folding screen phone, and the price is not low. .

If we want to buy a Samsung mobile phone, it is more recommended to choose the Galaxy S series. The comprehensive configuration and user experience are also very good, which meets the needs of the public. Let me introduce you some highly recommended models.

1. Samsung Galaxy S23

Reference price: 5199 RMB — 8G+128G.

Advantages: with high-quality appearance and excellent texture, light and stylish, good feel, Snapdragon 8Gen 2 overclocking processor with powerful performance, screen resolution of 1080p, and supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. It has the rear Samsung GN3 camera, whose photo details and night shooting effect are very good. the peripheral configuration is comprehensive, and it is also IP68 dustproof and waterproof.

Brief analysis: This mobile phone is a thin and light flagship with a small screen and weighs only 168g. Very good experience, the downside is that the charging speed is a bit slow.

2. Samsung Galaxy S23+

Reference price: 6999 RMB — 8G+256G.

Advantages: besides the advanatges as same as the above one, it also has a stronger battery life.

Brief analysis: Samsung Galaxy S23+ is an upgraded version with a larger screen, larger battery capacity and faster charging speed. Others are similar to the standard version. If you want a larger screen and a stronger battery life, you can choose this one. There is nearly no obvious shortcoming compared those in the same price range.

3. Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra

Reference price: 8999 RMB — 8G+256G.

Advantages: with high-quality appearance and excellent texture, strong performance of Snapdragon 8Gen 2 overclocking processor, 2K screen resolution supporting 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, rear 200-megapixel full-focus camera leading to a very good photographic effect, comprehensive peripheral configuration, it is also IP68 dustproof and waterproof, has a stronger battery life, and has a built-in S Pen.

Brief analysis: Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra is very strong in all aspects. It has Snapdragon 8Gen 2 overclocking processor, which has strong performance and low power consumption. The screen is a top 2k high-definition one, which is Samsung’s specialty. There are peripheral configuration and built-in stylus, but the price is a bit high, and the weight is 234g, which feels thicker.

4. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Reference price: 7499 RMB– 8G+256G.

Advantages: with stylish appearance, good texture, vertical folding, light and easy to hold, full sense of technology, strong performance of Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor, 120Hz adaptive refresh rate internal screen, supporting multi-angle hovering, rich operation experience, a strong peripheral and comprehensive configuration.

Brief analysis: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is a folding screen mobile phone. It is light and easy to hold when folded. It is very similar to the previous clamshell mobile phone. It has a nice appearance and is very suitable for female friends. The high camera effect is also good, but the disadvantage is that the charging speed is slow and only supports a single card.

If you like to use Samsung mobile phones, you can choose the above models first, their comprehensive configurations are more comprehensive, and they are highly recommended.


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