Does iPhone SE 2022 support micro SD card and dual SIM

Apple’ third iteration of iPhone SE was finally released in March 2022, coming with many important features like A15 Bionic chip, the high-quality camera with 4K video recording, 5G connectivity, improved battery, stronger glass and more. On the other hand, some features were sacrificed for its compelling price tag — It has a small display with big bezels, and there’s no Night Mode for camera and no support for mmWave 5G. So, how about SIM card support? Does iPhone SE 2022 support micro SD card and dual SIM?

Does iPhone SE 2022 support micro SD card?

No, iPhone SE 2022 isn’t compatible with micro SD card. Actually, none of the iPhones support micro SD card, and apparently Apple continues the tradition this time. The new SE comes with three options for internal storage: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. You can choose the highest one for your storage need. Here’re some ways to further expand the storage:

  • Use an SD card reader: This is especially useful for those who need to transfer videos and photos frequently. All you need to do is put your SD card in the adapter and then connect it to your iPhone. You can take a look at Apple’s official adapter or third-party brands like SUNTRSI or A-BST.
  • Use iCloud or Dropbox: Simply download the application and then you’re free to upload the files from your iPhone. But note that you’ll have to upgrade your plan if you want to store more than 5GB or 2GB files.
  • Transfer files to your Mac: You can also upload files to your Mac, as long as your turn on Bluetooth on both your Mac and iPhone.

Does iPhone SE 2022 support dual SIM?

The iPhone SE 2022 supports dual SIM with one physical nano-SIM slot and an eSIM(check the full list of carriers that support eSIM in your country). That means you can use two cellular and data plans for different purposes and situations. For example, you can have separate voice and data plans, use one number for business and another number for personal calls, or dd a local data plan when you travel outside of the country or region. As for dual eSIM, you don’t have this feature on the 3rd-gen iPhone, but you can make use of it on all the iPhone 13 models.


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