Does OnePlus 9 Pro come with a fast charger?

OnePlus recently announced its new model, OnePlus 9 Pro, which comes with all the bells and whistles that makes it the best smartphone OnePlus has ever made. These updated great features include the fantastic camera setup, which is partnered with the well-known camera brand Hasselblad, the beautiful 120Hz display, the gorgeous design etc. However, like many others, we’d like to find out more about the charging ability of OnePlus 9 Pro.

How long does OnePlus 9 Pro last?

OnePlus 9 Pro is equipped with a 4500mAh battery capacity, a normal spec among the high-end smartphones. According to our test, the phone will last for about 10-11 hours when we frequently flip web pages or do some chatting and the like. Extentive using like gaming and watching videos may shorten the time to about 4 hours, of course. This score is rather satisfying, considering OnePlus 9 Pro’s 5G and 120Hz display. And even compared with iPhone 12 Pro (9 hours) and Galaxy S21 Plus (9.5 hours), OnePlus 9 Pro still behaves quite nice.

Does OnePlus 9 Pro come with a fast charger?

Different from some manufacturers that ditch the charging block for the sake of reducing “e-waste”, OnePlus 9 Pro remains a 65W fast charger in the box capable of OnePlus’ impressive “Warp Charge” technology. If you charge your OnePlus 9 Pro from 0%, it takes only 30 minutes to 100%, and if your phone has 10% left, it’ll charge 60% in just 15 minutes. However, this speed is only available in OnePlus 9 Pro, or at least OnePlus phones. When charging other phones through this charging block, charging would be slower.

OnePlus 9 Pro also supports wireless charging, whose speed reaches up to 50W, a speed that is even quicker than the wired charging of smartphones like Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12. OnePlus doesn’t include the wireless charger in the box, and you need to pay extra $70 for one.

The only tradeoff for 50W wireless charging is the built-in fan, which is designed to prevent the phone and the charger from overheating. It is quite noisy when in-use, and if you switch to “silent mode”, it works not that quick.



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