Is Samsung Galaxy SmartTag battery powered? What does it do?

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag debuts alongside the new Galaxy S21 phones and Galaxy Buds Pro. It’s a small Bluetooth gadget that can use for locating lost items. Besides the Bloetooth 5.0 Low Energy version, there is another variant, named Smart Tag+, that leverages Ultrawide Band(UVB) and will launch later this year. The latter would allow the SmartTag to better compete with Apple’s AirTags.


As Tile and Apple’s forthcoming AirTags, SmartTag can be attached to every precious thing in life, such as keys, bags, a pet’s collar. Thus, you can find them easily and will never loss important things. It sounds so good. Let’s learn more about it.

Is Samsung Galaxy SmartTag battery powered?

Once we learn about SmartTag’s working principle, the answer will be there whether it’s battery powered or not. When the SmartTag is offline, it sends a BLE signal that can be detected by nearby Galaxy devices. When detected, the device will send the nearby location information to the SmartThings Fine app so you can locate the item. It’s obvious that it requires battery power.

How to charge Samsung Galaxy SmartTag?

Once Samsung SmartTag runs out of battery, how can we charge it? Does it comes with a charging cable. All these questions must enter into your mind. The SmartTags have a replaceable coin battery that Samsung says will last ‘months’. It’s no need to worry about its battery capacity or charging speed.


How do you use a SmartTag to find a lost item?

When you lost an item that is attached SmartTag, operate according to the steps below.

Step 1 – Open the SmartThings Find app on your Samsung phone.


Step 2 – Tap on the Find card, pick the device you want to locate and wait for it to load.

Step 3 – If you’re close to the lost item, you use the gauge on the screen to show how far away the item is. The fuller the gauge gets, the closer you are. To help you find the tag, you can make it play a sound. If the tag isn’t close to you, don’t worry, it can still be found. Other Samsung devices near the tag will anonymously locate it for you, and then let you know where it is, all without the owner of the device doing a thing. It’s done in the background and is encrypted to ensure privacy. 

There is a good news. If you preorder a Galaxy S21, you will get one SmartTag for free. And it will cost you $30 for one, $50 for two and $85 for four when you purchase SmartTags seperately. And the UWB version launched later will come with a price at $40 for one and $65 for a two-pack.


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